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    Lea Village Boys Secondary Modern School

    I looked on Freinds Reunited & there seems to be boys on the Lea Village page. They referreed to the "Leader mag" so it must be your school mate! Have a look. Coppied a picture off Friends attached.
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    Old Birmingham Schools - Changed Or Demolished

    LOL! Longmeadow Girls was just down the road. Football keeps a lad out of trouble i reckon!
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    Alderlea Secondary School

    Alderlea was a ALL boys school. Andy
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    Central Grammar, International School Tile Cross

    Did you know a Steve Daniels? My brother went to Central Grammar but not sure when he left. My sister went to Byng Kenryck. I never did 11+ and went to Alderlea!
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    Smiths Industries

    My Dad Ken Daniels worked there for many years untill he retired. I remember visiting "Linkula" with him on a Saturday morning. Said to myself - not going to work in a factory. Ended up at GKN Hardy Spicer - LOL
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    Central Grammar, International School Tile Cross

    Key Hill Brian - What year did you leave Central?
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    Alan Tucker - member of this forum

    If its the one and the same Alan Tucker ( Mr Tucker too me! or Sir!) he was my History teacher at Alderlea Boys 1973-78 period. History was a subject i enjoyed. A top bloke & sorry I never got to exchange some school memories.
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    Alderlea Secondary School

    What years did you teach at Alderlea & what subject?
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    Birmingham Schools Football History / & photos

    Alderlea Boys 1973-74 back row: Phil Moules, Peter Dolphin, Leroy Chambers, Andy Daniels,?Huckfield?,Roland Venables, Charlie Stokes. front row: Nick Withnall, Craig Conniff, Andy Canning, Richard mason, Andy Cole, Herman Wilson, ? not sure!
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    Birmingham Schools Football History / & photos

    I played for Alderlea in the 1977 Villa cup Final v Washwood Heath Comp ( at Bodymoor Heath) we won 1-0. We won the Blues cup in 1978 & lost in the final of the Trevor Gill Trophy in 1976 to Duddeston Manor 2-1. The Trevor Gill final was played at Villa Park - what an experience that was! We had...
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    Bombing Birmingham

    I read somewhere on another site that houses in Stechford Road were bombed, specifically 74 & 72 ( semi). I was born in 74 and someone told me they were bombed thats why they looked diiferent to the neighbours houses. In the late 70's the next door neigbour at 76 found an unxeploded bomb when...
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    The Raven

    The Raven changed to "The Wier" when i was there in the 80's - is it the Raven again. Sunday night we would be firts in the bar at opening time for a few games of darts then off to the Hunters Moon.
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    Cabin Priory Circus.

    55 bus used to stop outside. ----- 5 pints of lager please!
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    The Yard of Ale

    always stopped in here on our pub crawl, that started at "the Cabin" when we got off the 55 bus
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    The Ward End Pub

    I am sure that I played for a football team ( when I was still at school) that was based at this pub. Ward End Utd or something like that.
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    Tyburn House Entertainment

    for a lunch time drink from HSP
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    Hunters Moon Castle Brom.

    This brings back the memories for me. Spent a large part of my life ( & money) in the Hunters Moon. From around 1980 -1990 ( before i got married!) Used to go to the disco there with the lads Charlie Stokes, Colin Parfitt, Graham Hancock, Brett Jordan, Kevin Humpries, Kevin Ingall (romper)...
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    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    If we went to a club it was normally Millionaires, there was also one near 5 ways but i cant remember what it was called.
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    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Opposite Harry Parkes sports shop?