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    The Firs, Armoury Road, Small Heath

    Thankyou mikejee; most interesting. Our house, number 44 was in the block allotted to foremen at B.S.A. not that it made much difference, there was no inside plumbing except a sink that did not even have a waste trap. The house also served as a shop but I have yet to discover what was sold...
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    The Firs, Armoury Road, Small Heath

    Hello, do you know the age of the map? We lived at 44 and towards the Golden Hillock road a group of houses were missing due to bomb damage. The space was always called the "bombbuildings" all one word. The site of the houses was occupied over time by several firms including a scrap yard and...
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    Courtyards and yards of brum

    Hi Terry; Armoury Road, do you know the house numbers where your ancestors were living? We of the Harrison family lived at number 44. Cheers M
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    Lucas Shaftmoor Lane Branch Works 3

    I worked in BW3 for about 12 years leaving in 1990, for most of that time I was a tool setter on the starter armature shafts centre-less grinding section. There were a great many long service people working there and the factory had a good working atmosphere with due allowance for one or two...
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    Midland Red Around Birmingham.

    I would never park a bus at Dorridge Station without using the chock; we could never be too careful. Once when parked on the level at the 154 terminus in Solihull, I was sat in the lower saloon talking to my mate when the hanbrake released itself.....As for chocks that were lost, the solid...
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    Midland Red Around Birmingham.

    Adept Brummie, The three D9s are 'on the patch' at Digbeth. I collected the bus for my very first 'turn' one dark winter morning in January 1970. ExMidlandRed
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    Travelling the 'wrong way' over Camp Hill Flyover.

    I actually witnessed such an incident at first hand. I was working a service from the Bull Ring bus station on a summer evening in the early 1970's, the bus itself was a saloon. We had just reached the right hand curve at the top of the flyover when a black Rover 3 Litre was spotted coming...