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    Witton Road Butchers in 1892

    Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge about the above. I believe that my great grandfather Harry Short (sometimes known as Harry Tonks) was a butcher with an establishment on 211 Witton Road in 1892. Don't know much else as he is a bit of a mystery man (not actually married...
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    The Rose and Crown ? or the Royal Oak

    Hello, wonder if anyone can help me. I just found a electoral roll from 1925 which lists my great Aunt Rose as living at a public house in Barn Road Deritend with her husband Henry Grubham however I can't work out if the pub is called the Rose and Crown or the Royal Oak as it says both on the...
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    The Duke of Cornwalls War diary

    Hello everyone My great uncle Walter Holtom was in the Duke of Cornwall's 1st Battalion aged 19 and lost his life in the battle of High Wood, we believe, on 23rd July 1916. I am writing a family history novel about the lives of Walter and his family and in order to get as accurate as possible...
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    Owen, James the bloody steps murderer

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me, my ancestor James was hung in 1840 for murdering a passenger on his Pickfords' canal boat so he is a very interesting person in our family tree. (Also a horrible piece of work) I have his mother and father Joseph and Avis and his brothers and sisters but...
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    Tonks,Sarah Whitmore

    Belive she may have made a marriage in her youth and this prevented her from marrying again although she lived with a man for 28 years and had 8 children all taking her name. She was born 1857 father John Tonks a railway guard. Or it could have been her partner Harry Short born 1857 mother Emma...
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    Whitmore Tonks - Sarah

    The above lady was my great grandmother and a lady of mystery. I have found out a lot about her but would most like to know why she lived with a man for 28 years and had 8 children with him but they never married. The children where even baptised late in life and his name changed to Harry Tonks...
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    Charles Short

    Charles was my Great uncle and I have only recently found what I believe to be his WW1 records on the forces Genealogy site. Only problem is that the info I have on him from the family is that he was captured in the Balklands and sent to a salt mine as a prisoner of war died there. problem is...
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    R A F querry

    Hello, can anyone please tell me what rank an AM in the RAF was. I have found a Great Uncle on the Absentee Voters List (thanks to a member on here) and don't know if he was an Airman or an Air Mechanic. This is the entry at 8 court 3 house Howe Street Harry...
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    HOLTOM Richard 1855

    Hello all, have just found out that my G Grandfather is not buried in the family grave. The death of a relative ment that the deeds were gone into and his wife is the first person to have been buried there quite a few years after his death. There is a family story that he won the grave in a...
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    bargee wedding traditions.

    Please does anyone know anything about the wedding traditions of the boatmen of the westmidlands. We have an old photo of a member of the family taken durring the first war in the back of a court house in Witton we believe and have identified the couple. However the photo is taken on a mat...
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    Tonks, Harry

    Hello, I am trying to find out what happened to my Great Uncle Harry Tonks b1884 in Aston Birmingham.I have folowed him through the census and I belive I have him on the 1911 as a GPO telegraph linesman and I know he must have been in the Great War. However can not find a record of him and...
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    Thumbnail images

    sorry but can I ask a silly question? How do I view photos in posts shown as thumbnails. Have tried, clicking on them to no avail,please help.
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    Chamberlain Charles, Chas

    Hello, I am trying to help a relative of mine from America with his search for an ancestor. His G Grandmother Sarah Ann Montgomery from Aston Birmingham emigrated to America in the late 1800s and married a mystery man called Charles (chas) Chamberlain. The family are unsure of his background...
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    williamson William

    Hello all, I am trying to find out about my Great G Grandfather William williamson b 1809 I believe in Coventry. He was I believe married at least three times the later two being Mary Ann Peach and Sarah Ann Owens but I haven't found the first wife or William on the 1841 although he shows on...
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    Bailey Emma

    Emma was born in 1826 in Birmingham I belive and first married Samuel Short and had two children, Clara and Harry but Samuel died when they were young and she went on to marry a drapper called Francis English and have another son, John. She is listed on the 1851 with Samuel and from then...
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    Tonks Harry 1884

    Hello everyone, am trying to find some records on Harry Tonks, my Great Uncle. He was from Aston Birmingham and his mothers name was Sarah Witmore Tonks. So far have only found him on a census as a child and a possible death record if he were born 1888 (possible as some of their dates and info...
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    Charles Tonks B.1887

    Charles I believe was a Private in the Hampshires 2nd Battalion 28805 Enlisted in Birmingham, he was my Great Uncle and the family believe that he was captured and sent to work in the Salt mines (ypres perhaps) He died in June 1918 and we are trying to find out any info on him and to check out...
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    Holtom Richard or William Richard

    Hi everyone, was wondering if anyone could help me to find any information on the above gentelman who was my G.Grandfather. I only have his marriage Cert which lists his birth as 1856-7 and calls him Richard and his sons Birth Cert which calls him William Richard ( same name as his son) but...
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    Pikelet (piklet) Dealer

    Does anyone know what this occupation involved as my G.Grandmother was apparentley one on the 1891 census. Many thanks Maria
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    Holtom Rebecca Wiliamson

    Looking for any info re Rebecca born 1860 who was my G. Grandmother. She married William Richard Holtom in 1891 but I can't find her on any census in this year or after. I have fould a Rebecca but she is not married and has a daughter who I have no knowledge of, however her neighbour is a...