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  1. K

    Glen Miller

    Did anyone go and see the Glen Miller band at the Symphony Hall yesterday, what a lovely afternoon out, full of nostalgia, and our type of music. We could do with more of that on our radios. Apart from Friday night is music night and Elaine Paige on Sunday what is there worth listening to? Katie
  2. K

    Sydney Griffith Ltd. Soho Hill

    Does anyone have any information or pictures of the Stud Works which were on Soho Hill. My Mother and Aunt used to work there and I would love a picture for my archives. I have found this poster/leaflet on the web, but if anyody has anyfurther information would love to have it. As you can see...
  3. K

    Milliners Hurst Street

    I wonder if anyone can help me with this one. In the mid to late 1940's my aunt used to work as a milliner in Hurst Street. I have traced this to be No: 63 and the lady who owned the shop was a Mrs Ida Mantle I believe this is where the back to back houses now are. If anyone has any pictures...