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    The Stonehouse, Selly Oak/Bartley Green/Weoley Castle border.

    Gone. Bulldozed. A pile of rubble being cleared away. A lovely big pre-war pub built when everything to the west of it was still farmland. My Grandfather's old local throughout the 1950s, and a local landmark in south west Brum. I was born about two hundred yards from it, and grew up about...
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    Garbett Street, Ladywood

    My paternal Grandfathers family (surname Brown) lived her from the late 1880s until about 1960. At one point they lived in about three or four houses. My dad was born there in 1928 and grew up there, left in the fifties. My Grandfathers mother was a Dugmore, who I believe were all also local...
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    Adrian Lester

    Adrian Lester, star of Hustle, the RSC and the National Theatre. Comes from South Edgbaston, grew up in the flats opposite the Earl Grey pub, back of Belgrave Road Police Station. Started off acting at the Midland Arts Centre just down the road. There are quite a few other actors from Brum...
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    Cheslin - Balsall Heath/Highgate

    Anybody descended from the Cheslins who lived in Balsall Heath and Highgate areas from the late 1800s through to after the war? Also Powell, from the same area, who one of the Cheslins married into.
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    Birmingham Youth Theatre

    Probably a long shot: This company ceased to exist in 1987. It was based at the MAC in Cannon Hill. Does anybody have any old cuttings, literature, info about the company? Were you in it? What memories or stories do you have? (btw, please don't direct me to the Wikipedia page, because it...
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    Garbett Street Ladywood

    I was watching the news story about Bham City Council's plan to build a 50metre Olympic size swimming pool (anybody think it won't happen?), and I am sure the site they showed is smack bang on top of where Garbett Street was off King Edwards Road. My Grandparents Jack and Laura Brown lived...
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    Hingeston Street

    It wasn't until I saw something about it on tv the other day that I found out that the eviction scenes from Cathy Come Home were filmed in Hingeston Street. You probably all knew that, but it got past me.
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    Don Street, winson Green

    Could somebody tell me where this street was? I have ancestors who lived there, and I believe it was somewhere close to the prison. I can't find any old maps, etc, with it on. Thanks.
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    Norman Street Winson Green

    I can't find much on this street. What I really want is old photos. My Grandmother Laura Beaman grew up there. Her mother Polly Beaman had a little shop there, and was known for her charity to the poorest of the local children. Polly lived there from early 1900s to the fifties when she died...
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    Cheslin - Balsall Heath

    I am interested in any descendants of the Chesln family who mostly lived in and around the Balsall Heath area in the late 19th century and early/mid 20th. My Grandmother was Maud Cheslin born 1911. From census records there seem to have been a lot of them.