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  1. J

    Haircuts now and then

    Talking of having a hair cut when you started work brings back memories. I was 15 when I started work and soon after went to a barbers on Icknield Port Road. As he cut my hair he suddenly asked "Is your father bald ?" Yes I said. "Well you will be before you're thirty" At 15 that was not what I...
  2. J

    Witton and District Allotments Limited

    Wow! That cutting brings back memories. Every Sunday morning, before and during the war, my brother and I used to go up to those allotments to an old couple who sold their produce. We used to return home with cabbage and potatoes, mint and rhubarb. Still remember chomping on the rhubarb as we...
  3. J

    Never mind the date, what day is it.

    I now what you mean Sparks. I used to say the same, now experiencing the same things I wish I had had more patience or given more thought to my parents needs. I cannot believe that thirty years has passed since I took early retirement, don't know where time goes but like everyone else lockdown...
  4. J

    Down time this weekend 27th Feb

    As with others just want to say thanks
  5. J

    Shops in King Edwards Road

    Don't want to go off thread but the signs on the side of that shop bring back so many memories. Reckitts Blue and Cherry Blossom, [wonder why it was called that?]
  6. J

    In The Garden 2021

    Lovely to see them enjoying things like that. We have a Blackbird that comes every day, including when the pool was frozen over two weeks ago. It lands on top of the weeds and has a really good bath, flies off and returns few minutes later for another. Sometimes some of the little birds stand...
  7. J

    Down time this weekend 27th Feb

    Thanks Warren for work you do. Like Janice means nothing to me [might to our 5 year old great granddaughter] . Just need our daily 'fix'.
  8. J

    Covid vaccination process

    Amazed to hear this morning that my son and his wife have been given appointments for next Wednesday for their jabs in Walsall. He is 50 and she a bit younger. Walsall is also where we live, they seem to have got things well organised
  9. J

    In The Garden 2021

    Glad the snow has gone here in the West Midlands enabling me to plant out some Column Fruit trees I had delivered yesterday. Can't understand it though, not even a leaf is showing yet !!!! Do you think I should send them back ???
  10. J

    Occupations - Disappeared

    Long way off thread again, but 'Chilblains' brings back memories - but rather use Zam-Buk [another memory
  11. J

    Battery Power

    We also used to take the accumulator as we called them, to be charged up at a shop on Slade Road Can you imagine allowing young kids doing that today. Hated the smell of the acid in them. Took, a few months ago, a radio like that pictured above, with some other stuff, to the Auctions in...
  12. J

    ADVICE : Please Thank Those Helping You

    Re: Central Heating. Don't know if right thread for this. Got up this morning to find no central heating on and not even hot water from the Combi boiler. Suddenly remembered had same problem years ago and discovered it was because the pipe that leads outside from the boiler had frozen up...
  13. J

    Commonwealth Games, Birmingham 2022

    Yes, thanks Lyn. Tried again this morning but says video not available. Looked at the stills from Sparks instead. Glad i don't live or work in the area now whilst all that going on
  14. J

    Commonwealth Games, Birmingham 2022

    Tried watching video but after waiting 10 mins for it to load gave up
  15. J

    Covid vaccination process

    When I had mine at Walsall Wood leisure centre I was given the Pfizer, [reminds when doing national service and put on a Fizzer],. My wife had hers on Saturday and given the Oxford. I sat in the car and surprised when she was back in 15 mins. I have next one 20th March and she has appointment...
  16. J

    Witton Cemetery Sections1 and 5

    Until I saw this map I did not realise the unconsecrated ground was so large. Anyone know how they decided it and indeed what is the difference. Was this related to Catholicism or C of E? My parents and eldest brother are buried right on the edge
  17. J

    Rover Sd1

    All this talk of grinding in valves brings back memories. Only threw out a tin of Chemico grinding paste and my stick a few months ago. Those were the days when you could work on car engines. Today can't even change a light bulb
  18. J

    Old style food still going strong

    That is almost what I am about to have now, bacon, sausage fried egg, beans/ tomatoes/spaghetti, and of course fried bread. When I hear of what they advise me not to eat, and take into account all the lard on toast and what about the old lardie cakes, and then sugar sandwiches when mom couldn't...
  19. J

    Wolseley Car History

    It's amazing what you remember when your mind is jogged. An uncle of mine, Frank Pendle worked at Wolseley cutting and stitching the leather seats. He and his wife Edith lived in Croydon Road Erdington
  20. J

    Old style food still going strong

    Just been reading through part of the thread so don't know if it's been mentioned - brains on toast. Very much like soft roe. Our doctor advised my mother to have it regularly for some illness she had so of course we all had it. Wife is from Yorkshire so we still have corned beef hash. Mother in...