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  1. changinman1

    The Anchor

    Hi ...I posted this probably about 10 years ago but got no responses , im looking for some information on the above pub which was on Gorsty Hill in Halesowen, my gran and grandad had it for a while , it would of been the 1950,s I think , their names were Charles Henry Field and Hilda Field and...
  2. changinman1


    Hi ive just bought a house in Knowle and its victorian and I am curious to see who has lived in it since the mid 1800s, its no 80, Station Road , Knowle B930HJ . It may be listed as solihull or warwickshire certainly wouldnt have been west midlands. If anyone could look this up for me as far...
  3. changinman1

    Hit A Brick Wall

    Hi im researching my family tree and I cant seem to get a father or a mother for one of my gt GF,s , please if anyone can think of a way id be real grateful. Jeremiah Field 1755–1838 BIRTH 1 JUL 1755 • St Georges Bloomsbury, London, England DEATH ABT 1838 4th great-grandfathe
  4. changinman1

    Hand Writing interpretation

    I am currently doing my family tree and have come across a kind of marriage cert if thats what it is but im having trouble understanding it , can anyone translate it for me , I thought that if there are people on here that are used to reading old handwriting they could give me their best...
  5. changinman1

    Birth Certs

    Hi all ...great people .....I havnt sent off for a BC for must be 10 years , what is the process , is it easier now and or is there an alternative way of viewing these or getting hold of them without having to pay £8 for one ??
  6. changinman1

    Thanks - post your thanks here

    I just wanted to say a massive thanks to all the admins and contributors to this amazing site , its been so useful for me over the years . Hopefully we can keep it going .
  7. changinman1

    Gun Factories / Gun Quarter - Staff Lists ??

    My paternal grandfathers were gunmakers in the city from 1860 to 1900 ish and lived around Weaman st and Bagot street / Miles street /Ormond street/ Fleet Street (yes they did live in a lot of places haha ) but that is as far as I have got , their job titles from certificates of marriage and...
  8. changinman1

    Primrose Lane , Hall Green .

    Ive had a quick look around here but cant find much or anything on the above street, iv just bought a property there and wanted to learn about its history of street and hopefully the house as its victorian built .
  9. changinman1

    Frederick William field

    Hi I’m hoping that someone can shed some light on my gt grandads brother Frederick William field who according to his death certificate was an army pensioner and he died from pneumonia at the family home in 1918 age 24 , I heard through the family that he died of Spanish flue but the certificate...
  10. changinman1

    Great Grandmother Ellen Field nee Ray/Reay

    Hi I’m hoping that someone has some info on my gt grandma name as above , I have her death certificate which states she’s died on 12th July 1932 aged 67, widow to my gt grand dad George William Field but I cannot find any birth certificate what so ever for her , it’s a complete mystery ...
  11. changinman1

    Royal flying corps records ww1

    Does anyone have any free access to look up military service record please of my grandad, his name was Charles Henry Field and his service no was 261954 Andy he served in ww1 , id be really grateful , thanks .
  12. changinman1

    Fox & Grapes

    does anyone know what is happening to it , still standing after being burned down or nearly??
  13. changinman1

    Ray family Birmingham, relatives of Ellen Ray

    Hi I am looking for any family or any information on Ellen Ray who married my gt grandad George Field and she was born in 1865 , her mom was Caroline Ray and father William Ray. They lived in Ormond street in Birmingham, I would love to get in touch with a relation of Caroline Ray . :encouragement:
  14. changinman1

    The Vine Inn Dorridge.

    Has anyone got any photos or information on this pub that is no longer in existence , it's now an office but it's the same building apparently. I know it was still there on the 1911 census, if anyone knows anything then it would be appreciated.
  15. changinman1

    The boat catherine de barnes

    Can anyone remember the name of the night club that used to be at the rear of THE BOAT (CATHERINE DE BARNES) , I remember going there a few times in the early 80,s....anyone remember it or am I going mad.
  16. changinman1

    Chadwick end

    Does anyone know if there was at one point two pubs in chadwick end , the orange tree (aka rock candy moutain ) i think....and ther e was another further up in chadwick end going towards warwick ????
  17. changinman1

    Cafe - broad street

    IN the 1980,s I used to go to a cafe on broad street on my scooter to meet mates , it was where the Hyatt is now I think , can anyone remember what it was called , it had a black cinder car park. Was it the Acropolis ??? really cant remember. A picture would be even better....cheers.:excitement:
  18. changinman1

    Millitary record look up pleeeeeeeease can anyone help.

    Hi I am trying to find out anything possible about my Grandads involvement in both the first and second world wars as I believe he was involved in both in some capacity . He was discharged on 24.10.1919 and as I said was involved also in the second ww and his name is Charles Henry Field born in...
  19. changinman1

    Millitary records look up pleeeeeease......

    :)Hi I am trying to find out anything possible about my Grandads involvement in both the first and second world wars as I believe he was involved in both in some capacity . He was discharged on 24.10.1919 and as I said was involved also in the second ww and his name is Charles Henry Field born...
  20. changinman1


    I know i have asked before but new people may have joined since my last post , I am looking for pictures of Poplar Road Dorridge or any other roads in Dorridge . Thanks in advance.