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  1. Johnfromstaffs

    Ken Wharton

    Kenneth Albert Wharton b. Smethwick 21 March 1916. Died Auckland NZ 12 January 1957. A Smethwick motor Engineer, was going to be second driver to Mike Hawthorn in a Vanwall, but burned in a crash at Silverstone in 1955, so quit from Formula 1. Killed after crashing a Ferrari in a sports car...
  2. Johnfromstaffs

    Dennis Scribbans

    Racing Driver, born Streetley 1907 d.1990 Down in the biographies as a Birmingham stockbroker, (anyone remember Griffiths & Lamb?), drove an ERA in the 1930s. Was he connected with the Scribbans bakery family?
  3. Johnfromstaffs

    I’ve just joined, can I stay please?

    Born, along with my two brothers (both now gone) on the same day in 1948 in a nursing home called St. Chad’s in Harborne. Dad from Smethwick, Mum from Stafford, RAF to blame for that. Grown up outside the city, and an adopted Staffy since 1950. The family seems now to be everywhere except...