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    Holidays Of The Past

    Hi forum.. Looking through an old photo Album today from the 70s in St Marys Bay in Brixham Devon, what a wonderful holiday it was with Pontins holiday camp, just so near to our Caravan, it was bliss, fun times. Did you go there a fab place for many Brummie s Went there a 15 months ago it's...
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    Italy Star..medal

    Looking for the Clasp for the Italy star 1939-1945.. need a few medals as I misplaced my grandfather's medals in a set of draws which was taken to the dump..I had no idea they were taken it was to late to get them back..my mistake. . Genuine..thanks..christy.
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    Hi.have a very dark Negative' Size 1&half ins wide Is there anyone on here who still does there own printing or Has a larger Scanner to view this Negative..& print this photo off..if Poss..Thanks..
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    Tea Room In Gooch St North

    Hi forum.. is it possible for a look up of Tea Room.In Gooch st North..Ran by A LADIES Team.. Few Doors Away from the Bristol Oak Pub..in the City Centre mid 60s 70s..Please...
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    Johan Barrington

    Any idea where Johan Barrington lived in Dorriage (Solihull)..johan was world Squash Champion back in the 70s..I worked on his house were many Celebites came to bis home..to train..it was lovely, fab Gardens..any idea were it was..thanks..
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    Did you have Anyone who Served in Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry 2nd Battalion..WW2

    Hi Forum..did your father or Gfather serve in the the Duke of Cornwall Light infantry..my Gfather joined in 1928-1947..was in India 7,years..I Have a Photo,it Says the 5,Brumies,Fab Photo, would like to know more,of my gfathers time,in the Army,also have some photos,with no names on,Regimental...
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    HELP ..Needed with IRISH Records..!!

    hi guys, i have my ggfathers Marriage cert, 1898...Belfast...But he was born in [DUBLIN/CITY] AGE 21..JOHN MULLAN Married Susan Russell age 21..there are No Census..from 1851-1891..irish..i have very littie m ore info,But need some help..Finding the Missing Links..Regards..
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    Chip-Shop..on Bromsgrove st jct Gooch st North,,by Kent st Swimming Baths..late 60s/

    Is it Possible to Have a Look-up of The Owner of the Chippy Next too Kent st Baths..in the Kellys Directory. late.60s or 70s..Please..
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    Asia~cinemas, in highgate..

    Hi Forum..is there any info,on who owned the picture houses, in highgate." the Triangle in [Gooch st]..the Alhambra..[Moseley rd]..& the Luxor..on balsall~heath rd] they were taken over by Asia Owners..in the mid 70s..regards..christy..ps..is there any film footage..of the Cinemas..fr years gone...
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    Street directorys,

    Hi..is there any street directories in birmingham to view or a link,plz..from 1890- up to the present day..who lived in this street..years ago..
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    Looking for info on a sea captain..

    MY GGGFATHER, WAS A SEA CAPTAIN..IN N,IRELAND [BELFAST]. BORN AROUND 1850s [dublin city]..& DIED IN THE 1890s..his name was..JOHN MULLAN..AGED 40,s..married to Mary Mullan..is there anywhere to find any info..please..many thanks..
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    Earlswood Log Cabin Camp Site

    looking for photos of the Earlswood log cabin, as kids from highgate,we all went here in the 60s & 70s..also a great swimming pool, it was filled in many years ago..so looking for any info or photos,plz..cheers..
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    Val Products Sherlock St..

    hi,forum..trying to find a photo of the White Swan & Val Products..in sherlock st or at the bottom of hurst st..regards..christy.
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    Earlswood Log cabin..

    hello..looking for any info or photos, of Earlswood log cabin, in the 60s 70s..called in at the old site,to see the log cabin is still there & being used..the swimming pool,was filled in many years ago,but still would lov to see a photo..if you can help,..drop a line..regards..christy..
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    1st ww hospital records..birmingham

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    St martins estate..highgate

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    Electoral roll..look up..please

    HI,FOLKS..LOOKING OR THE ELECTORAL ROLL FOR ST MARTINS ESTATE.(highgate) birmingham.1965 OR 1970..these are the 4,streets that the flats were in..[dymoke st-vaughton st-Angelina st- leoplod st]..or any date near to these..many thanks in advance... christy..
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    St davids, church..[highgate]

    HI,GUYS..ST DAVIDS,CHURCH..BISSALL ST..HIGHGATE..i think this church was damaged in the 2nd world war..& had to be pulled down.in 1947..i do not know what faith it was...is there any photos,of this church..anywhere..or info..cheers...christy..
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    3D/photo/ or a ghost effect photo..

    hi forum guys, is it possible to do a 3D or ghost effect photo, an old building gone, & replaced with a new build then put the old building back through the new/build, i hope this explains,it ??.. cheers,..christy...
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    Electoral-roll look-up please..

    hi guys,..looking for a look-up of john newman at 40,Gough rd, [greet] 1912, or around them years, if possible.. many thanks in advance,...christy..