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    Help needed with WW2 records Please

    II have received the records for John Richard Bytheway who joined 6/6/1935 address 146 Cole Valley Rd Hall Green. 6 years with colours and 6 years reserve... TA 5109005 2nd Royal Warwickshire.. 23/1/1937-31/3/1938 India 1/4/1939-10/6/1941 India 11/6/1941-22/6/1943 looks like Pairform...
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    Just thought I would share this with you.. I subscribe to Your Family History magazine on line. In the December issue was an article about coroners and would you believe the report was a newspaper report on the death in 1928 of Frank GARRATY how was killed as he lay in bed when during the night...
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    Bowen Wallace

    Wallace Bowen born 1849 Birmingham son of Jonas and Mary Ann Bowen. Married Harriet Kiss 1881 Solihull I have records for him till 1888 a silversmith with Jonas Bowen and sons at 30 Summer Row this is the last record I can find. Has any one got any record of this person in their research even...
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    CURLEY electoral role look up

    Could I ask for help please. I have recieved a death certificate for Ellen Curley widow of ........Curley. date 26th January 1957. informant D Hodgetts niece 36 Bracken field Road Birmingham 22a. My Ellen G Curley was widowed in 1927 from Stephen Michael Curley so as this certificate does not...
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    Street address

    Please could I ask for help on the address for this family on the 1901 census. Eliza A Ashforth 1851 Birmingham Rosalind Bowen 1872 Birmingham Oscar W Bowen 1894 Birmingham Frances Bowen 1900 Birmingham Francis Savage 1877 Pershore Worcestershire. I just cannot read the name of the...
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    Electoral Roll look up please

    Today I received a Birth certificate with the address 253 Aston Road Birmingham 6. Please could some one do a look up for me. The date is 1946 the parents are John Richard Bytheway and Irene Florence Bytheway nee Price. Thanking you for any help you may give me.
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    Gavagan help needed

    I am hoping that I might find help with this problem please.On the 1881 census I have. Peter Gavagan born 1851 Birmingham wife Elizabeth children Ellen born 1879 Birmingham Elizabeth born 1880 Birmingham birth certificate states mother Elizabeth Leonard. Birmingham register could not...
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    Provision dealer

    On the 1861 census for Catherine Bowen living at 41 Duddeston Row her occupation was Provision dealer. What would this title mean in those days? Wholesale shop or maybe just selling from her home. Thank you Dorothy
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    4 Botteville Road

    I have the address 4 Botteville Road Acocks Green on a marriage certificate I have just received. I tried looking on Street view but did not find this house number would you know if it was demolished during the war. Also would you be able to name the people who owned this house around 1941/1942...
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    Electoral Roll look up 1926/7 Please

    I know you are all most probably very busy with your Christmas perperations but I was wondering if I could ask for a look up for 188 Tower Street Aston The name might be F Gant Thank you.
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    Electoral Roll look up please 1928

    Could I please ask for a look up for 3/27 Smith Street this is the address I have on a marriage certificate for a Henry Hands. I am trying to find if this person is part of my tree. The dates fit and I do know other members of the Hands family lived in Smith Street but not this number. Thanking...
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    Electoral Roll look up 1955 Please

    Is it possible for a look up in 1955 for 72 Cato Street Duddeston I have a Mr Holtham on a certificate but I cannot read the initials Thanking you in advance for your help.
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    marriage deatails please

    Could I please ask for a marriage look up The marriage of William Crump and Ann Perry 25th December 1831 at St Martins. IGI number 19723 thank you
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    marriage deatails please

    Could I please have a look up for details of the Marriage of Thomas Prime and Jane Matthew that took place 22nd May 1823 I found this on IGI batch MO 10723 I am trying to find the name of Thomas Prime's father. Thank you.
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    Edgbaston Church

    Would it be possible for any one with access to the records for this church to look up the marriage of Jonas Bowen and Esther Prime they married 2nd September 1806. I found this on IGI batch number MO 10661 I am trying to find the name of Esther's father. She was born 1786 in Bickenhill...
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    William Hands

    Could I please ask for an electoral Roll look up please. I am looking to find William Hands and Elizabeth Hands. They were living at 82 Cato Street Duddeston on the 1911 census. I am trying to find the date of their deaths. I have possible Elizabeth 1928 and William 1924. I would be most...
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    Electoral Roll look up Matthews

    Can I ask for an electoral look up please. I have Henry Thomas Matthews who died at 282 St Benedict's Road Small Heath in 1927 age 63.I was wondering if his brother Thomas Leonard Matthews was at this address in 1955 and if so who else was with him. Thank you.
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    Curley Desmond

    Desmond S Curley was born in Birmingham 1928 to parents William Edward Curley 1887 and Anne Shortall 1888. William and Anne married 1919 St Anne's Roman Catholic church Alcester street Birmingham. I have searched every where I have access to and can find no details of a marriage or death for...
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    Birth Look up please

    I am trying to find the birth of Mary Burr Bowen born about 1821 in Birmingham I have found her siblings all christened at St Martins on IGI but am unable to find a Mary. She is on the census forms. Father should Be Jonas Bowen and Mother Esther Prime. Thanking you.
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    255 Dartmouth Street

    Could some one please help me by checking if 255 Dartmouth Street Aston was a public house I have this address from the 1911 census. This was the closest date to 1911. Thank you.