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  1. Rosary_Boy

    St Mary The Virgin (Acocks Green)

    BombDamage from WW2
  2. Rosary_Boy

    Hockley / Handsworth.

    spent few hours round the two areas so many old buildings very good sorry if I not put full details etc these 5 photos are on or just off constitution hill and great Hampton street,
  3. Rosary_Boy

    The Station Adderley park, Coach and Horses Bordesley green.

    any photos of these from 70s and 80s the time I remember them thanks
  4. Rosary_Boy

    The Old Bike Factory, Nechells, 1899

    Few photos I took before its knocked down as cant see it being left to stand any longer, built in 1899 just off Jennens road Nechells Birmingham.
  5. Rosary_Boy

    Bordesley / Deritend

    Anyone know what this place was by side of Canal by Bolton Street off watery lane? thinking was it used to transport stuff long the canals by horse etc ? mid 1800 and early 1900s maybe ? any info ? Little Barr Street Deritend River Street and Floodgate Street Deritend
  6. Rosary_Boy

    Adderley Park Saltley

    Took these today of the old Adderley park station and the old station pub in Saltley
  7. Rosary_Boy

    Found This Old Photo In Digbeth

    found this old photo in the celler of the Old Gregory Pank Shop In Digbeth anyone got any idea how old this could be ? anyone who is good on photos and age or years etc?
  8. Rosary_Boy

    Edgbaston Victorian & Edwardian buildings

    am thinkin of doing a day around Edgbaston to take photos of Victorian and Edwardian buildings I don't know this area well so any Advice would be great where to go ? ill be coming from Broad street side, maybe its best if I just stay on the Hagley road and go off onto side streets ? thanks
  9. Rosary_Boy

    Ward End buildings

    Edit. Please note we now have a thread exclusively for Ward End Park House here https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/ward-end-park-house.50823/ Ward End Park House
  10. Rosary_Boy

    Erdington old buildings

    Took these photos the other day around Erdington
  11. Rosary_Boy

    Moseley - Victorian & Edwardian buildings

    Looking to go to Moseley to take a load of photos of Victorian and Edwardian buildings any ideas please ?
  12. Rosary_Boy

    Images of England on Birmingham

    anyone know where u can buy the original books the first book not the reprints which I think are abit of poor quality in photos any help please, am looking for the Saltley, Duddestion, Nechells one thanks
  13. Rosary_Boy

    Victorian & Edwardian buildings listings

    Hope I can post this here over last 15 years ive been going around and taken photos of whats left of old brum and its buildings, is there a lists of all the buildings left in Birmingham from the Victorian/Edwardian times or a book? with the lists and addresses of the buildings that are left, I...