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    Courtyards and yards of brum

    They might have been poor children but they look happy nowadays children have sour looking faces because the mobile phones glued to their heads are doing something to their brains.
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    city centre pubs

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    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Hi Time Traveller 66 did you work at Barclays Bank in the Jewellery Quarter
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    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Hi Time Traveller 66 did you go to Rebeccas in town .
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    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Hi all does anyone remember Peppers in Erdington it was at the side of The Queens Head pub it was good there was a bloke in the Disco in a black leather jacket he would encourage the girls to have a ride on his motorbike i think his name was Ken not sure .
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    Mermaid at Birmingham University

    Hi all i worked there from 2000 to 2005 it was mostly good but there was a little irritating man there Mick Carolan he was a yes man to management .
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    Hi all my wife,s friend Linda is married to Robert Preston, or Bob he worked at Kalamazoo for years .
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    Pubs Of The Past

    Hi all i think much later this building became Burlington Hall which housed our youth club which i went to when i was 14/15 years old it was good X
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    Pubs Of The Past

    Hi all we had our wedding reception there in 1974, £1.50 a head it was good , no honeymoon couldn't afford it afterwards back to our flat to start our married life together X
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    Birmingham buses

    Hi Astonian i used those tokens on the buses when i was an apprentice travelling to Brooklyn Tech in Great Barr from Clifton Road Aston that was between 1968 to 1972 they wouldn't need them nowadays because they have cars . x
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    Bagot arms

    Hi all my best mate Colin Hunt [rip] use to drink in there , manly for some company , not a bad pub back in the day but nowadays i think it is far too big its seen better days. Raz
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    Ansells Brewery

    Sorry about that just stating what a lot of Ansells Workers and Colin thought at the time of the strike.
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    Ansells Brewery

    Hi all i am thinking the building on the right is the old Picture House at Perry Barr i might be wrong .
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    CLEWS connections politely requested, please

    Hi all i new a John Clews between 1968 to 1972 he was our Woodworking Teacher at Brooklyn Tech Great Barr he was a nice bloke and we use to have a right laugh that was back in the day .
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    Lost Birmingham Pubs

    Reene the barmaid from The Temple Bar was brilliant she was about 75 years old and still doing a good job
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    Lost Birmingham Pubs

    Hi Williamstreeter i use to go to these pubs from 68 to 72 not so much the Top 10 Bar but manly The Grapes on a Friday night and then over to Rebeccas to dance the night away At the time I was going out with a lovely girl in 73 Jane from Shirley Solihull i bought her a nice leather handbag...
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    Ansells Brewery

    Hi all my best mate Colin Hunt worked there as a Carpenter until the strike wrecked his job he worked out of Telsen Stores , maintaining the pubs making Back Fittings , Counter Tops etc etc it was a good job Colin enjoyed it his dad Frank also worked in the stores at Telsen. RIP Colin >
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    Lost Birmingham Pubs

    There was also the Top 10 Bar and The Grapes Pub which i used to go to before going to Rebeccas with my mate Colin Hunt We took two girls from Wales one night and they couldn't believe it had three floors different to the clubs back in Wales we had a good night Raz
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    Lost Birmingham Pubs

    Hi all i also went to the Temple Bar the cellar bar was done in a ships theme and the barmaid was Reene she was brilliant she was pouring your pint before you had ordered it and there was Clive the other barman he was a 'nice' man, would often meet up with my brother Eddie and my best mate...
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    Occupations - Disappeared

    Hi all does anyone remember The Park Keeper ginge in Aston Park you were worried if he caught you in there after 8.30 / 9.00 i think it was respect back in them days . Raz