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    Special constables Streetly WW1

    09 January 1915 - Walsall Observer, and South Staffordshire Chronicle - Walsall, : Belgium Burnett Road. Streetly; Lunneaus. Middleton, Manor Farm: Arthur H.'witt, Golf Club House: A. J. Illings, Hardwick Road; James Foden. Chester Road: John Joseph Birch. Chester Road: and William Whorton...
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    Look up - Joseph ILEY family

    Hello, I'm looking for the children of Joseph ILEY b:1850-56 and Ellen Bilton b: 1858 in Yorks and married 1874 in Stockton. They are probably in the Middlesbrough Yorks area. If anyone could help ... With thanks.
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    Searching Margaret FODEN 1901

    Can anyone help with Margaret FODEN b1878 at Perry Barr, Staffs to George & Sarah Foden. In 1891 she is with her brother George Fred Foden b1863 in Handsworth. I would appreciate a look up in 1901 please and maybe 1911. Thanks to you all out there.
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    Help in identifying regiment pls

    I'd love for someone to help me here with this very poor photo of my grandad Clement William Edmonds. He lived in Norfolk at the time of joining the army but I've no indication of the regiments name. It seems the cap badge has a crown on it so should I presume a "Royal" regiment? My search so...
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    College Farm 1870

    My ascendants were all farmers / licensed victuallers around the Erdington area. Gt grandad was born on College farm in 1866 and I'm trying to find a map which would show where abouts it was. He was baptised at St Mary's Catholic church Maryvale if that's any help. Thanks for any help.
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    Brookhurst Farm, Tamworth

    Hello, could anyone tell me where this farm would have been (approx) in 1911? The full address is Hints, Tamworth, but nothing comes up in my googling. The farmer at the time was John W Pickering. Glennys
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    photo of Charlie & Harriett

    This photo came from down to me from my ggrandfather and my granda who came from the Birmingham area and Sutton Coldfield. Written on the back are just Xmas wishes "from Charlie and Harriet, to Hannah & Ted".I would love to know who they are. Would anyone recognise them?
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    W Wort, photographer, Oscott

    On the back of an old photo which we are trying to date, is "W Wort, Oscott". Would anyone know anything about him please? With thanks Glennys
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    Fodens In Chester Road Streetly & Gnosall

    Hello, I am following 2 people, father & son, from 1910 to the 30's. Both had their own business: James Foden, Harwicke Nursery, Landscape gardner, Chester Rd, Streetly, then the Swan Inn, Gnosall, Staffs in the 30's. James Mathews Foden, Garage Foden & Walters, Streetly around 1910-1920. If...
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    1901 census look up FODEN

    Hi all, Could anyone pls confirm Agnes Maria Foden, (b: 1869 in New Oscott, Warks, fathers name is Henry Foden), did she marry in 1887 and to whom. Would like to know her whereabouts in 1901 / 1911. Many thanks. Glennys
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    Farms becoming Housing estates

    Not sure about where I should be with this, I'm interested in the fate of the following farms: Kingstanding Farm (next to Royal Oak?), Perry Barr - Blakelands Farm & Booths Farm in Handsworth - Kettlehouse Farm - Park Farm. I guess they were all bought up by the towns/Birmingham? for housing...
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    Author Giles Foden

    Born in Warwickshire 1967, Giles Foden is a well known author (Last King of Scotland - Ladysmith....). Does anyone know him?
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    Foden Maria ?

    Maria Humphries b 1834 Walsall. Maria's husband Henry Foden died in 1872 (smallpox?) leaving her with 5 young children. They were the tenants of the Old Sun Inn in Sutton Coldfield. I believe she may have married again in 1874 to Charles Kent in Aston, but: - Could that have been Charles KEMP...
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    Children of William Foden

    Please can anyone help me finding the children of this couple: William Foden b Aston1830 d 1885 who married Eliza Horton in 1850; have found only one child Ellen Horton Foden b 1851. (In 1881 they were in the Royal Oak, Perry Common, Handsworth). I am trying to trace other children & specially...
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    Little Sutton Churchyard

    Great grandad was buried in Little Sutton churchyard in 1938. Does anyone know the church or its address pls?
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    Driving Licenses 1900's

    Would anyone know about how to research on driving licenses held by people in 1910 -1920 ? Grandad lived in Streetly and had a license in 1911-1916. What info would it likely show?