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  1. Templer

    Spiceal Street opening

    The wife and myself attended the opening of the Spiceal street development today. A great addition to the Bullring, there was a marvelous display by the JCB dancing diggers, and the dance company, Motionhouse. This is a short video of it, I have a much longer one which I will upload later...
  2. Templer

    The Bull, Loveday st

    Frothy and myself fancy an excursion for a couple of good real ales on Saturday so we have decided to pay another visit to The Bull. After the sad loss of forum friends recently, we will be raising a glass to them. Especially as most of you know, this was the venue for the first ever forum meet...
  3. Templer

    Where's my bike?

    I've just returned from a four day trip to York, now I could see that there are a lot of bicycles used there, but while waiting at York station for our return journey home, we were greeted by this sight on one of the platforms. I wouldn't like to search for my bike after a couple of beers.
  4. Templer

    Picture restoration

    Could someone help with this picture please, a friend of mine as asked me if it is possible to put some colour back into this faded picture. The picture is of himself aboard the Canberra many years ago, he and I would be so gratefull if someone could help, the software that I have wouldn't be...
  5. Templer

    The Lad in the Lane ( Ye Old Green Man )

    Lad in the lane ( Ye old green man ) Bromford lane Erdington. In 1931 and 2010.
  6. Templer

    Canal Cruising

    I have spent a very pleasant day cruising the canal in Tamworth, thanks to my sister-in-law And her partner, aboard their boat. Beautiful day beautiful scenery, I was also allowed to be Captain for a short while, very enjoyable.
  7. Templer

    We gave it some Welly

    What a coincidence!! some of our forum members all turned up at the Wellington pub today to be interviewed for a bar persons job. ;) As you can see we all passed the beer pulling test with flying colours. It would have been a shame not to take advantage of the situation, so we took a leaf out of...
  8. Templer

    Pype Hayes Estate

    This may be of interest to anyone that still harbours fond memories of the Pype Hayes estate in Erdington, it's rebuilding is almost complete, and these are the last of the Boswell houses that remain of the hundreds that made up the estate, and these will very soon be no more. they were not the...
  9. Templer

    Jones's farmyard / Erdington

    A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to meet and old classmate of mine who I hadn't seen since I left school in 1960, that school being Erdington Hall in Bracebridge rd. As you can imagine we have been doing a lot of reminiscing about our schooldays, yesterday he reminded me of a place...
  10. Templer

    In my garden this morning

    ;) It circled a couple of times, then swooped down and landed, no amount of foot stamping and hand clapping would scare it off, just worried now that it will start nest building. :):)