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  1. barrie

    Embarrassing Problem.

    This is a real problem for me. When I have the site open and left click on a link to open it, I keep getting a pop up, usually porn, but there are other things as well. It takes two clicks and then everything works normally, until next time I open the page. Any ideas? barrie.
  2. barrie

    Downloading Family Tree

    Need some help please. Have a family tree on Ancestry, and would like to save it to "documents" on my computer so that I can then upload it onto the Family History Site. Don't have a clue how to do it, and there isn't an "export" facility that I can see on Ancestry. Thank you for any help...
  3. barrie

    Hannah Matilda Wells.

    Hannah, known as Annie was my grandmother, she died 19 July 1913 aged 27. As she died in Howard st I had assumed that she would be buried in Witton Cemetery, but enquiries there have drawn a blank. Does anyone have any idea where I might find out where Hannah ended up. Thank you. Barrie.
  4. barrie

    Death Cert. Hannah Chambers.

    I have a death cert for a Hannah Chambers which I applied for in error. She died aged 15 in Halesowen St, and the death was registered in West Brom. Her dads name was James Chambers and his trade was given as butcher. Barrie
  5. barrie

    Ice Cream

    Its a nice day here today, so I've got the french windows open, and I've just heard the chimes from the ice cream van, the weather must be on the turn. Barrie.
  6. barrie

    Copying a dvd

    Recently found some old 8mm films spools. Took them into Jessops and got them copied onto a dvd, I would now like to download the dvd onto Windows Media Player or something, so that I could e-mail the file, but don't know how to save the dvd to my laptop. My o/s is Windows7 Sorry, forgot to...
  7. barrie

    Martin. Gt Russel St.

    I'm asking for help on this as I'm finding it a little hard to concentrate just lately. On the 1901 census Miriam Martin is shown at court 1 house 5 Gt Russell st aged 57 from Cambs. This lady is no relation to me, but my Gt Gran was a lodger at her house (Sarah Oldfield) Miriams husband...
  8. barrie


    A mate is sending me a token issued by the Rose Copper Company of Birmingham & Swansea. Haveb't been able to find much on't Tinterweb, so wondered if anyone can throw some light on them. Barrie.
  9. barrie

    In Loving Memory.

    In loving memory of my Gt Uncle William (Bill) Davis, husband of my Gt Aunt Nell. Sth Staffs Regt. Killed in action 1st Nov 1916. Gone but never forgotten.
  10. barrie


    Could I ask for some help please. James Oldfield left Liverpool and arrived Philadelphia 14 June1887. Would some kind soul with a better Ancestry account than mine (I've only got the basic one) give me the full details on the passenger list. His full name was James John Wescott Oldfield...
  11. barrie

    Pub Token

    Going through some of my stuff today, I found something I had completely forgotten. It is a 2d token, issued by a Samuel Anthony of the Ivy Tavern, 110 Bloomsbury, Birmingham. I'll bet that token could tell a few tales. Barrie.
  12. barrie

    Wireless internet problem

    I've got two laptops (no, I'm not bragging lol ) one works perfectly with my wireless internet, but the other one keeps losing the connection. It reconnects ok, but I have to do it manualy. Is there anything I can do to keep it connected ? Thank you. Barrie.
  13. barrie

    Sons Of Rest

    Hi all. Why don't we have them any more? When I started work back in the mists of time, I used to envy those old codgers, sat there in their wooden hut, drinking tea and chatting, I quite looked forward to the day when it would be my turn. I suppose the "Sons of Rest" went the way of a lot...
  14. barrie

    My Wife Marion.

    My wife Marion passed away yesterday at 7am. We were in bed together, with her head resting on my shoulder, when she just stopped breathing. We had been together for over 40 years, and Marion was my bestest friend in the whole world. She was only 60 and we always thought that I would go...
  15. barrie

    Unknown RAF Lapel Pin.

    This pin is being enquired about elsewhere. It belonged to an RAF Veteran who was on the Ark Royal when it was sunk (he survived) Can anyone identify it please?
  16. barrie

    64 Lancaster St.

    Could you tell me please if 64 Lancaster St was a commercial address or a private house. In the 1861 census, my Gtx2 Grandad James Oldfield was living at that address, he was a shoemaker, and sometime master of boot and shoe makking at the Birmingham Industrial School. Thank you. Barrie.
  17. barrie

    Exporting Family Tree.

    Can anyone tell me please, how do I export my family tree from A******y? Thank you. Barrie.
  18. barrie

    1940. Me Aged 5.

    This was me in 1940. I had got the mumps and had been sent to my Uncle Frank's and Aunt Elsie's, but I cried for my Mom so much, they had to take me back to Hockley.
  19. barrie

    National Burial Index

    Can anyone help please. I need a look-up from the NBI but don't know who to contact. I did have the address of a bloke that found my Gt Grandparents burials for me, but have since lost his address. Ta in advance. Barrie
  20. barrie

    Scanner Problem.

    I have an HP Scanjet 2100c flatbed scanner, it works very wel on my desktop PC which has Windows XP for an operating system. I decided I would like to use it with my laptop which uses Windows Vista as its operating system. I installed the software using the original disc, and the laptop...