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  1. Fairney View

    The brownie guide pack of birmingham

    Are the Brownie Guides a thing of the Brummie past? In early 1970's I 'promised to do my best/do my duty to God/serve other people/and something the brownie guide law' and got my little badge. "Be Prepared" is still something I live life by!
  2. Fairney View

    Social Clubs and rules for women history

    I'd like to fill out some social history of the sexism that seemed a "natural" part of life for women in 1960's etc . Mum(in Selly Oak, said women not allowed to be members of clubs their husbands went to, not allowed in snooker rooms - play card games etc But allowed to play Bingo! Blogging...
  3. Fairney View

    Father Hudson's and Father Flint

    Father Flint was made into a Canon, being the Administrator of Father Hudson's Homes - from the letters that I have, he organised placements of babies born to unmarried women like my grandmother in Ladywood parish in the 1940's. Also involved in the Child Migration Scheme to Commonwealth...