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    Birmingham Schools Football History / & photos

    Just clearing out a few things and came across some of my old sporting medals from my school days at Sheldon Heath comp and also a few from my Sunday football team. Some might have won similar ones back in the day
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    Birmingham Schools Football History / & photos

    Thats interesting to see the list of previous winners and my old school Sheldon Heath Comp winners in 1965 and 1966. I played in both finals and was the captain in 1966 when we played at Edgbaston. The 65 final was played at the Nursery Ground next to the Main ground and I remember our captain...
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    Argyle Artful Billy - Professor of Punch

    Cridland- my late father William ( Bill ) was the son of Edith ( Argyle ) and William Cridland.
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    Argyle Artful Billy - Professor of Punch

    Hi Gill, attached is the Bugle article about our great grandfather, a master of nose breaking and ear enlarging- great terminology from long ago don't you think. To go forty eight rounds , nearly three hours in one fight sounds pretty brutal but those were the hard times in which he lived. He...
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    Birmingham Schools Football History / & photos

    Was that very successful Sunday league team called B G Brazillia ? If so I played for that team along with guys from BG Tech
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    Sheldon Heath Comprehensive

    Hi Bob, yes I remember those guys, they were the ones responsible for ruining my dreams- but yes they were all good players, Lee especially who I had a great battle with in midfield but he was too good for us on the day. And your good lady remembers them all. Amazing really. She was from Oldbury...
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    Sheldon Heath Comprehensive

    Hey Bobrob, well good on you on remembering some names. On your right was my best mate Alan Jones, to your left Dave Pennikett, then Trevor Glynn. Me on the far left middle row being miserable because I didnt get a shirt for the team photo and played in every match and back row far right was...
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    Birmingham Schools Football History / & photos

    Hey Bobrob, as an underage player I played against some of these guys. Our u/18 were short of a player, I think I was 15 and John Chambers asked me to help out. Played at your place on Hob Moor Rd I think. Hard game. Barry Ansell is one I remember he was a good player as was our Johnnie...
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    Sheldon Heath Comprehensive

    Hi Bob, a voice from yesteryear! Remember those days when we played representative football together for Birmingham Boys. I have a team photo from 1967 ? of us all at the Festival Of Football at Butlins Bognor Regis. Can you remember the names of some of the guys? Yes I did write a book called...
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    Ex Pats and Brummies abroad

    Ex pats abroad-living in Far North Queensland now and loving it. If you were born and raised in Brum you can never forget your golden memories of growing up in your home city. The places, school, characters/people, family, your football team, clubs, pubs, etc that are now part of your personal...
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    The cane at school

    Back then the boys copped corporal punishment pretty bad - but when you mention lines I remember a younger teacher at the comp. teaching me how to hold 5 pencils in my hand/fingers at one time and then writing my lines out-which was 5 times faster than one at a time. Try it, it works.
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    The cane at school

    Here's an interesting deviation ( if that's the appropriate word with the subject under discussion ). A deviation ie. a different weapon used for punishment. Also at the Comp. Hated chemistry so hid in the toilets. Chemistry teacher hunted me down and invited me to stay after class to enjoy his...
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    Notable Brummies

    There are so many academics and business people we are proud to say are Brummies but I've played a little game with my son over the years ( he's 26 now so he knows the reply before I ask the question ) concerning my Brummie musical heroes. A song would come on the radio and proud as I am of...
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    Old adverts from days gone by

    I still sing some of those TV adverts. We were so young and we were brainwashed by them. Lets face it TV was so new back then and it was so brilliant to even have a black and white TV and we even loved the ads. One thousand and one cleans a big big carpet for less than half a crown. The Esso...
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    Graham Lovett RIP

    Jeez thats such a shock. Graham was such a school hero especially for us young boys at Sheldon Heath Comp who also wanted to become pro footballers. He was such a great lad too. My sister was nearer Graham's age and so he got to know me by that but was always a happy and friendly guy, often had...
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    Birmingham buses

    Nice to hear all about the actual buses, models etc. but what about the colourful characters who worked 'On the Buses', conductors, drivers and inspectors. There must be some stories to be told.
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    Wimbush Bakery

    My brother Billy worked for Wimbushs at Small Heath for many years, late 60s early 70s as a delivery driver, mostly night work, to get the product out there to shops so that when they opened their doors those lovely cakes were there for the public. I was about 16 and still at school and asked if...
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    Sheldon shops

    Hi well I was born in Frodesley Road, well not in the road but at number 51 in 1951 so I predate the above list. I was the family runner to go to the shops in Comberton Road for what ever we were short of. I can still remember my Dad saying to me, 'Go on son as quick as you like. I'll start...
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    Argyle Artful Billy - Professor of Punch

    Hi All, here is the article to which I was referring-my great grandad in all his pugilistic glory ! Yours too Deslittle.
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    Argyle Artful Billy - Professor of Punch

    Hi Deslittle, I have that copy of the article in the Bugle about Billy Argyle-if its allowed I will upload it to the site