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  1. db84124

    Cherrywood Road, Bordesley Green

    Hello, Could a member please tell me what was between the Why Not pub and the Gypsy's Tent pub in Cherrywood Road, Bordesley Green in the early 1960s? House numbers should be in the region of 167, 169, 171. Was there a betting shop there? Thank you, David
  2. db84124

    Using personal messages on Facebook

    Although I've had a Facebook account for six years, this is something I have known about for a question of weeks! Recently I sent some photographs to a lady via Facebook; she was unaware they had arrived. When a person sends another person a message via Facebook it goes into the person's Inbox...
  3. db84124

    Salerno War Cemetery : Flowers

    Tomorrow morning - or possibly Friday - I'll be driving 9 miles (15 km) to Salerno War Cemetery. If any member of the Forum would like me to place a flower on the grave of a relative, friend or simply an acquaintance lying there, would he or she please let me know the full name of the war hero...
  4. db84124

    Mysterious manoeuvre ……

    Robert Scott took this photograph in 1985. We’re looking along Church Rd, Yardley, towards the Yew Tree pub/roundabout. It was taken from the Swan Centre multi-storey car park. My problem is that I can’t for the life of me explain why that bus is turning there. Could someone enlighten me please?
  5. db84124

    Fifties Food

    A former school friend (Bordesley Green Tech. 1959/ 66) has sent me the following list. It made me chuckle several times so I hope, by recycling it, it'll bring a smile to your faces ....... EATING IN THE UK IN THE FIFTIES * Pasta had not been invented. * Curry was an unknown entity. * Olive...
  6. db84124

    Old tractor

    I wonder if anyone on the Forum could shed any light on this as regards the manufacturer, model, years of production, etc. : ..... I'm told it still works ...... Thanks, David
  7. db84124

    Mrs Gill - conductress

    With all the former bus drivers, conductors/conductresses and ex-transport company employees on the Forum, does anyone know Mrs Gill who certainly worked on the buses in the late '50s/ early 60s? Her son, Michael, was a great friend of mine at Bordesley Green Tech. and I would very much like to...
  8. db84124

    Genealogy in a Nutshell

    Genealogy in a Nutshell My Granddad had two sisters ….. My Dad had two sisters ….. My Mum had two sisters ….. I’ve got two sisters ….. Destiny dictated that I’d have two daughters ….. The genes live on …. The surname’s gone.
  9. db84124

    Omni .... bus

    I'd very much like to find out all I can about the bus in this photograph. Could someone on the Forum let me know details about its chassis, coachwork, years of operation, capacity, the number in the BCT fleet, etc., etc., please? Thank you, David
  10. db84124

    This one seems to be for real .....

    ..... as often happens these days, I've just received the following email message from a friend ...... the difference is that this time snopes.com SAYS IT'S FOR REAL. Purposely I'm not putting the snopes.com live link onto this post; you can use your search engines to find the site. I've done...
  11. db84124

    How do you permanently assign a letter to external hard drives?

    Good evening All, ……. so here I am again on my favourite sub-forum. This isn’t really a “problem”; just an improvement in my computer setup. Only having 60 Gb of storage on my ageing laptop, I now have three external hard drives and three flash drives. As you well know, when a drive is connected...
  12. db84124

    Reacquiring space on C:\

    My 6-year-old Dell laptop has a relatively small internal memory, only 60GB. I'm trying to free up some space as I can't even carry out a defrag as the necessary 14% free space just isn't available. I've noticed that a file referred to as dlbxscan – a Microsoft Notepad file - has 3,895KB of...
  13. db84124

    Bartholomew’s ..... missed

    I've just missed out on a 1952 edition of Bartholomew’s Pocket Atlas and Guide to Birmingham on eBay. :cry: I upped the bid from £0.99 to £5. I hope I haven't trodden on a fellow member’s toes and that it went to a good home. Someone wanted it far more than I did. Pity ……. but good luck whoever...
  14. db84124

    Mutiny on the beaches .....

    The 16th September, 1943 was the cloudiest, blackest day in the honourable history of the British Armed Forces. From innumerable photographs I’ve seen, there was an overcast sky as tens of thousands of British, American, ex-British Commonwealth and other allied forces battled to gain control of...
  15. db84124

    In town today ........

    In town today ........ very, very different from the 14th September, 1943.
  16. db84124

    Bracers Or Braces?

    I was very interested to read in Astonite's opening post in his thread “No longer available? Or are they?” the word "bracers". Because it's used in a paragraph about things which he thinks are no longer available, I imagine he's referring to the two strips of elasticised material, leather or...
  17. db84124

    M. and M. Railway

    Can anyone help me please? Does anybody know what the two "M"s in this railway company's name stand for? We are talking about the mid-nineteenth century (1860s). db84124
  18. db84124

    Window too small ....

    Good morning, Could someone please suggest what I could do to overcome this “problem”. I have downloaded a software program from a supplied disk to operate a Trust accessory. The window which opens up when I click on the icon on my taskbar doesn’t open sufficiently large to view all the options...
  19. db84124

    Mary, and her pet.

    As the thread "Silly Rhymes" is proving to be quite popular, is there any chance of organising a "Mary had a Little Lamb" original verse competition? Perhaps verse sent in or published on this thread could be read out at the St George's Day get-together - after all, what could possibly be more...
  20. db84124


    I've picked up somewhere along the line - excuse me! - that 6014 King Henry VII was fitted with streamlining during the month of March 1935, but had had it all removed by January 1943. Has anyone got photographs of the engine during these eight years? I would be very interested to see what a...