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  1. Kevkonk

    Mr Dixie, pub singer

    One of my neighbours used to be a pub singer in the 60s and I wondered if anybody else can remember him. I remember him singing ‘You Can’t be true to Two ’ once in the Royal Oak in Erdington one Sunday afternoon.
  2. Kevkonk

    Great Uncle who served in WW1

    I wondered if there was a way to find out any information on my great uncle who was a soldier in WW1. Anything about his life in general as I was told many times I was like him. I note that we are nearing the June 28th 1914 Assassination anniversar. I did some googling and know that he was...
  3. Kevkonk

    Spencer, living in Gravelly Lane / Somerset Rd area

    Looking for a connection with my family with this surname living the Gravelly La, Somerset Rd area around late 1950’s.
  4. Kevkonk


    Looking for information Raymond Mudd, died in his 30's during the 1940's from TB after being married for about 3 years to a Miss Vera Cox. He had a brother who had a garage business in Shropshire?
  5. Kevkonk

    In need of tidying up - 5 pictures

    I am trying to find out where the bus conductor (dad) picture was taken, I know it must be at one of the garages, he worked on 11 outer circle route a lot.
  6. Kevkonk

    Pope Visit to Birmingham September19th 2010

    I was amazed not to see any posts on this event, maybe I did not search correctly....... I was near Chester Rd and saw that the roads nearby had been closed off and that there were helicopters flying above. I thought there had been a road accident or serious incident as this road was closed off...
  7. Kevkonk

    Windows 7 64 - Scanner Problems

    Hi Everyone, I recently upgraded to a Windows & PC 64 bit. Now, my scanner is a Canon Lide 60 which has always served me well, but I have always used Vuescan as my scanning software as I just hated the Scangears thingy with Canon. Vuescan loads on my new 'puter' but cannot see...
  8. Kevkonk

    Sutton Coldfield, Rectory Rd

    I hope it is ok to show pictures from Cemeteries, but I had a walk around the cemetery in the old part and took a few snaps today. There was one memorial which stood out of a 19 year old Pilot from WW2, Peter G Teale who died in July 1942.
  9. Kevkonk

    Butcher Shop Wylde Green Birmingham Rd

    I think the butchers here was known as Bennett's at one time in the past then called Lowe's? I think the family that ran it were called Bridge's, who may have had a shop at Four Oaks. Any photo's of Bennett's or info on how long they were there for?
  10. Kevkonk

    WW1 Record Request

    Hi, I'am looking for any Records for Samuel Ruscoe born 1886,(or brothers) Prees, who was on horseback division I understand, I think he was in Italy at some stage,also trying to discover if he was sent elsewhere after Armistice, Thank You
  11. Kevkonk

    Completely don't belong here - but Wish it did....

    Found this on you tube, a place near Manchester, I found it so interesting, surely there must have been similar ones from Birmingham. I would love to see home movies in Brum of Weddings, demolitions or anything from 60's 70's , our members must have something...
  12. Kevkonk

    Roscoe Butchers Shop Ladypool Rd

    Hello, I have discovered from some kind people on this site that a friends grandfather lived at 68 :thumbsup:Ladypool Rd, I would like to know if this was their residence or a shop as I know he was a butcher/slaughterman, around 1930's onwards. Ruscoe family name. When we used to visit the son...
  13. Kevkonk

    Tidy up please...

    Tidy up please...
  14. Kevkonk

    Earning a few bob as a kid

    I had newspaper rounds,a butchers Saturday job at Scrivens Perry Barr, and even collecting rags in a van after delivering the empty bags to homes and collecting them the next day. But the best paid and most enjoyable job I had was working for a guy who supplied chippies (Fish and Chip shops) in...
  15. Kevkonk

    Dick Turpin lynched at Chester Rd?

    Not sure if there is a Dick Turpin thread already, but someone told me a story which I never heard before and claims it is true. He tells me that the pub called The Place to Be ( Old Oscott Tavern? now part of Halls Garden Centre) stands on the site of a pub that Dick Turpin dropped by one...
  16. Kevkonk

    Old photos given an airing - partners late fathers pictures

    I think there should be a law to scan every photograph, it makes me sad to think so many get thrown in skips etc...... Still, I have had these in the shed for a while and thought to put them on here My partner as a girl,
  17. Kevkonk

    Help please

    Any help please, had a go myself, but can't get it right.
  18. Kevkonk

    Alldays & Onions

    Hello Folks, scouring through some old pics of 1966 I found this one, I was wondering about the van in the background, any info, picture taken Wyndhurst Rd, Stechford........
  19. Kevkonk

    Rollerdisco in Erdington?

    Hi, Someone was speaking about a RollerDisco in Erdington in the 80's, anyone know where it was located please..
  20. Kevkonk

    Photos that have been composed out of curiosity or amusement.

    I think sometimes there is a wealth of pictures of certain era's which when composed with other similar pictures could recreate or show a possible scene that could have taken place but for which there is no photo. I was thinking of this, but consideration must be given to copyright issues, but...