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    No 4 Court, Thorp Street -Slaters Directory of Birmingham 1852-1853

    I am interested in 'locating' No 4 Court Thorp Street in early 1850's. My wife's great great grandfather William LOWE is listed as a 'Coach Harness Furniture maker' on page 58 and his daughter Mary Lowe comes under heading 'Academies' on page 4 on Slaters Directory 1852-1853?. On the 1851...
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    Midland Railway Goods Offices Birmingham 1865-1870

    I am trying to find out if there were any 'Goods Offices' for the Midland Railway in Birmingham between 1865 -1870? If so are there any records available? Where were the Midland Railway goods offices located in Birmingham? My great grandfather Walker Riley was a new 'Railway Clerk' working for...
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    Coach Smith

    Can anybody enlighten me on what the occupation 'Coach Smith' entailed back in 1852 Birmingham? Whilst researching my wife's great great grandfather, William Lowe, who resided at No 4 Court, Thorpe Street, I found the reference to Coach Smith in Slater's Directory for 1852-1853
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    Seal Stone Engraver

    I am trying to find out which 'company' where my wife's grandfather (Arthur Lowe) who was a skilled 'Seal Stone Engraver' in the Jewellery Quarter worked up to the middle of WW1 from 1890 to 1916? He was in the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry and was injured at the Battle of Passendeale on 4th...