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    world war 2 medals

    hello all, i was wondering if you could help me. i am aware my grandad was a sergeant in WW2 and received some medals although i cannot find out what these are. is anyone able to help? Thomas frederic Parfitt = 17/11/1918 - 6/1/1991
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    Dead End - 1800s Bowden, Parfitt, Walton, Wright, Wickett, Nest, Hudson

    Hello, I have come to a dead end on the threads of my family tree if anyone can hlep on the following that would be great. Joseph Bowden born 1804 in Devizes married Eliza Hudson in May 1828 - I have no information on their parents. Edwin Bowden born 1849 married Mary Pace on the...
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    Parfitts! Are you out there -

    I am trying to locate the following people (or their relatives as some will no longer be with us). they are my fathers aunts and uncles and i dont really know where to start, so any advise greatfully received!! Their mother was: Maria Walton and father Harry Parfitt Harry, had a son called...
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    I am interested in speaking with any Parfitts living in the Birmingham area as it seems most of my fmaily settled there and i d onot have much information on them
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    Wickett Family History

    William Wickett (born 1836) married Charlotte Lewis (born 5/6/1839) and they married on the 15/11/1860. They had 14 children although the date of births of some of these are unknown. if you are able to help please let me know. Please see below the childrens details CLARA...
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    family tree template

    hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good family tree template. i have tried a few which do not meet my needs and i am currently using word and microsoft publisher which is becoming extremely difficult as my family tree grows. Thank you for your help
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    How do i find out where relatives are buried?

    This may seem like a strange question but i am new to this. Can anyone tell me how i would find out where relatives are buried please?
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    Is it safe to upload my family tree?

    I am thinking of uploading my family tree to a website but im worried it might not be safe and could lead to identity fraud. Can anyone advise me please?
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    Arnolds Tailors and The Dale Manufacturing Co - Cape Hill

    MikeJee kindly told me that Tom Arnold, tailor occupied 86 and 88 Cape Hill, From 1936-1944 it was Arnolds Tailors. By 1949 The Dale Manufacturing co , gown manufacturers, were at 86-88 Cape Hill. I was wondering if anyone knew any more information on these companies? :shocked:
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    Hemming history - Kidderminster

    i know this is a birmingham forum but i have had such great help with my birmngham relatives i was hoping you may be able to help me with my kidderminster relatives. i do not have much information as my relatives are not willing to share. what i am looking for at the moment is: george...
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    1st BN North Stafford

    I am trying to find some more information about someone who served in this army. I have their pivate number and i know they were promoted various times and were called to service in the 1930s. does anyone know how i can obtain more information?
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    Information on the Parfitt History

    Good afternoon all, this is my first ever post so i am really sorry if i have the wrong forum or if i am requesting the wrong information. I am trying to track down the Parfitt Family tree (most of them were from Birmingham) I have my grandad: Thomas Frederick Parfitt born 17/11/1918 in...