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  1. Di.Poppitt

    Google Ebooks

    The link takes you to Google ebooks for an interesting look at a Birmingham long gone. https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=QKlfAAAAcAAJ&pg=PA47&dq=A+Castle+in+Warstone+Lane+Birmingham&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjL7ZTu
  2. Di.Poppitt

    We Good.... We No shoot

    We Good We No shoot The Christmas Truce at Plugstreet Wood in 1914. The infamous Ploegseert Wood where our lads played football with their enemies on Christmas day 1914, now apparently marked with a simple wooden cross on the edge of a field to mark the place where they played. The Royal...
  3. Di.Poppitt


    I have searched on FamilySearch since the Millenium but now the website has been reorganised I need to register again. I have to insert letters from the ones shown, problem is that they aren't there, just that annoying little red cross. Help please anyone!!
  4. Di.Poppitt


    Since Outlook have taken over Hotmail I am having a problem accessing my Contacts, now called People. It means I have virtually lost my address book, I hope it is a blip, but maybe someone can help, please.
  5. Di.Poppitt

    Hilli & Kit

    A neighbours cat had her kittens in our barn, when she decided to move her family she left one behind. Our little Hillie was still a very young dog, she has always loved every other dog together with people, so when she spotted a tiny little kitten, which we had started to feed, she carried it...
  6. Di.Poppitt

    A Tarlington - artist

    I've got six framed prints of watercolours by A Tarlington, they were being sold in the Library shop about 20 years go. He painted lots of local scenes, the originals are held by the Library, none of my prints are of The Beehive Taven but I don't know how many of the originals they hold.
  7. Di.Poppitt


    Our daughter Sally came home from New Zealand when she was given a late entry to run in the London Marathon. She took it very seriously and had trained and paid a personal trainer to give her a programme of how far and when to run, what to eat - and when. She was here for a week before the 22nd...
  8. Di.Poppitt

    Shoe Repair

    This is a bit light weight after reading of jabs for swine flu. However I digress, I was in town today walking toward the shoe repairer with my winter boots under my arm. I have always walked one side of a heel down and suddenly I could see my dad in his shed with three or four lasts on his...
  9. Di.Poppitt

    Temperance Societies, Missions and Chapels

    British History on line site has a section for Missions, Chapels, Temperance societies and more. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=22981#s33
  10. Di.Poppitt

    Hillie Poppitt

    She is such a little sweetheart.
  11. Di.Poppitt

    Post Codes

    Appropo to something I read on the Forum recently, regarding Post Codes in Birmingham. A member was given the existing PC of an old address to help put it into the right area. A question was raised saying that there were no post codes in the early years in Birmingham. In fact we have always...
  12. Di.Poppitt


    Our daughter Sally, celebrating, in advance, her birthday and wearing a vintage silk and lace frock. It is our birthday present to her, although she found it herself in Auckland, NZ where she lives.
  13. Di.Poppitt

    Who Do You Think You Are

    What a good programme tonight, I just caught it by chance. One of the best I think.
  14. Di.Poppitt

    Our Hillie

    She is our baby, but she is a tough little girl. The vet reckons she is just about perfect, we agree of course.:)
  15. Di.Poppitt

    Meet at Dawn Unarmed

    A new book Meet at Dawn Unarmed written by Andrew Hamilton and Published by Dene's Publishing, is the result of a diary written in 1914/15 by a member of the Warwickshire Regiment, being found by his grandson. The soldier was a Devonshire man who joined the Warwicks. The diary recounts the 1914...
  16. Di.Poppitt

    Tip on searching the IGI

    It has occured to me that perhaps it isn't generally known that once a birth or christening has been found on the IGI, by clicking on the Batch number of that known birth or baptism you will be taken to a clear page with the number you have clicked on in place. Fill in surname, country, and...
  17. Di.Poppitt

    Rolling Mill for Loisand

    I was looking up something else and came across this Loisand, I am not sure if you already have it. The Litchfield Road was at the heart of small works. There is a Water Works and a lot of the men worked in ammunitions, others were wire drawers, metal rollers and brass castors. Name:Thomas A...
  18. Di.Poppitt

    Snow Hill

    On the front page of the enumerators Census book they had to write the names of the Roads they were enumerating. I often have a look as it is sometimes a help in finding a street or road. This is district 14 of St Georges Parish, this man had no idea how interesting I found his description...
  19. Di.Poppitt

    Johnny Ray

    I've just been hanging around UTube listening to Johnny Ray, teks me back;) Not sure if I can do this, hang about Lets give it a go. Sorry I am going to have to ask one of you guys how to transfer it from UTube
  20. Di.Poppitt

    1911 Census

    In the monthly news letter from findmypast is an item to gladden our hearts:) The 1911 Census is full steam ahead for 2009, the only access for it at first will be www.1911census.co.uk The advice is to register with the site if you want to use the census. With the long wait we all had for...