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    Staniforth Street Old Wall

    I am not sure if I am in the correct place, I haven't been on for a long while and the site has changed so much. we took our granddaughter to the Unite student flats at no 30 Staniforth st .Inside the ground there is a thick wall, obviously very old it seems to run the length of the flats and is...
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    Watery lane canal

    Hi, Hope someone maybe able to help me ,I received the inquest report on my grand mother from 1954 last week .She committed suicide by drowning in the canal at Bolton street with watery lane. There was a cafe in front of canal and they gave the alarm and helped recover her.the cafe was called...
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    Pub at 13 duddeston mill road 1871

    good evening every one ,I am trying to find a pub at the address given,it is on the 1871 census ,run by a mr Healey and was the something Tavern,is anyones eyesight better than mine and work out what the something is,I know you are all toooooo young to have visited.Does any one know anything...
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    Swann Cycles

    Has anyone heard of Swann Cycles Shelagh
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    Coast Guard

    Hi All, I have an 1851 census for my family and have found that William King born 1809 in Rye Essex was down as "Head Boatman ,Coast Guard" His sister Ann Eleanor Pitcher Nee KING is doen as a Deck master. Is this at all possible . Both were in Brighton living in no 1 Battery house What is a...
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    Music hall

    Good evening to you all,I know you are all far too young to have gone to the music halls of yester-year,but would anyone know if there were registers of artists as on the 1881 census, we have found a relative that is down as a comedian and his wife an actress.I do not have her maiden name but...
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    army records WW2

    My Uncle was in the army during WW2 and I know he was somewhere like egypt but not sure where,there doesn,t seem to be anything on Ancestry or find my past about WW2 unless they died,how do I find what regiment he was in etc Shelagh
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    photo's or pictures of churchs

    hello everyone could anyone tell me where I can get pictures of churches,ie st stephens church ,St Gabriels,st Bartholomews,I am not sure where they are.all Birmingham-I thinks st Gabriels is weoley castle way ???? thanks,:stressed: Ps What are tags and how do you use them ????
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    The Acorn,Garrison lane area

    hello Folks Does anyone know anything about a pub called the Acorn,Garrison Lane/artillary Street area. Is it still there or has it been bulldozed Thanks for looking Shelagh:rolleyes:
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    Bradley,John & co ltd

    I am looking to trace this business,if it went out of business or has continued either as a screw and rivet making business or has moved into another type of business.I have them listed in telephone book in 1973 in Holloway head,Birmingham. thanks for looking ,Shelagh:rolleyes:
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    Stowe Nine Churches Northants

    does anyone know where Stowe 9 churches ninetes or nintes is,taken from pallots marriage register in 1838.the man originated from dunchurch but I cannot find a connection to this stowe etc. could the nintes be like the hundreds hope someone can enlighten me thanks for looking ,shelagh:(
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    Bradley ,John and co ltd

    I have been told by various rellies that this company was my great grandmothers family ,does any one know how to find out if this company is still in existence or when it went out of business. They were screw and rivet manufacturers and were in Hurst street in 1921 and in 1973 they were at 101...