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    BSA Armoury Road Small Heath.

    Mr Dalby, have you any pictures you could possibly donate to our website re Birmingham Speedway. If so please i.m me
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    The Old Library - Digbeth

    Just like to say the building was used for local bands/artists around 98/99. I played in a band and we had a room upstairs, the people who leased the place also put on a live night, Ocean Colour Scene front man Simon Fowler headlined an acoustic set in the building. I was there and sober!
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    Gramophone Records

    Anyone got anymore info on Norman Haines - ex The Locomotive imo The Best Birmingham psychadelic rock band to come out of Birmingham?
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    Tony Hancock

    Any more info regarding your cousins production on this series ?
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    That fantastic photo must be mid-late 70's in my estimation?
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    My band played this venue in 95, we were one of the last bands to play there. Its rumoured Ocean Colour Scene got there name from a picture on the top floor. The portrait featured a saling ship / galleon in rough waters. I really think this building should have had a preservation order on it...
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    As a child aged 5-12 in the early 1970's our doctors surgery was on grange road, it was near the coventry road end. The Doctor who held residence was called Dr Piliso - who actually came from Sth Africa or Rhodeshia ? As you walk to the end of Grange Rd - towards Coventry Rd his surgery was on...