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    Station Pub in Sutton Coldfield.

    Hi All, Does anybody know when the Station pub in Sutton Coldfield (Station street) was built? The railway station was completed in 1862, so I am presuming that it was built alongside it? Does anyone have any information on the history of the pub, or can direct me to a source? I did a quick...
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    Newman's Coffin Works Tours

    Please see latest post as more tours have been released. Hi All, I am a volunteer for the Birmingham Conservation Trust and I thought that users of this forum may be interested in a very special heritage event that the Trust is running later this month. For the first time this October (26...
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    Enos Edwards - Engineer of Birmingham Fire Office 1805 / the Bull Ring Riot 1839

    Hi I have several generations of ancestors that worked as fireman for the Birmingham Fire Office 1805-67 in Union Passage. Although there is lots of information on the later fire service i,e from 1870’s and the Tozer family, I wondered if anyone new of where I could start to find information...
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    Pheasey Estate changes in roads from 1940's to present.

    I live on the pheasey estate and came across the thread US Base Pheasey Estate as I am interested in the history of the area. I viewed the old map of the area form the 40's (Post by guest Nov 28th 2006 - map below) and noticed that some of the road have been changed. Compared with the modern...
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    Help looking for Alfred John Whetton

    I am looking for further info on the parents/early life of Alfred John Whetton b: Birmingham 1846. The surname is proving to be a problem as it keeps changing on different documents (not mis transcribed just a completely different name), it should definately be WHETTON. The info I do know is...
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    Conflicting Birth locations on 1891 and 1911 Census

    I am looking for info on the parents of my grt grandmother Gertrude Annie Downes b,ham 1889. I have their names from her birth certificate, but from census info I am finding conflicting info about them: Samuel Downes (possibly Down or Downs) b 1853 in Torquay from 1911 census or North...
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    Untraceable people on Census record

    I wonder if anyone could help or advise. I have hit a brick wall in finding a couple of people on some census records. Would it be the case that sometimes people did not get included, or got missed out in some way? What other reasons would there be for not taking part in the census? Just in...
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    Hawker and Traveller

    My great great etc grandfather John Flavell is listed on his son's marriage certificate as a "traveller" (1850's) At first glance I wondered if he was linked to a gypsie family, but I presume this could have meant something else back then? He was living at a fixed address in steelhouse lane...