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    St. Silas School

    Hi Glenda,your maiden name rings a bell in my memory.I think we were most likely in the same year at St Silas. My name on here APS stands for Anthony P Sartin.Other names I remember are Lyn Wright,Diane Bennett,Sheila Jones,Linda Buxton,Linda Danby. Perhaps some ring a bell for you.
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    St. Silas School

    Hi Brian I was friends with Lawson's brother Maxwell,have him in my Facebook friends.
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    virus alert

    I've just been all over their site and got no warnings even from the contact us link.
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    hockley hill post office

    I was in there Wednesday collecting a parcel. Was talking to the guy as there is a lot of hammering and banging going on inside. The collecting office which at moment is door far right is moving to door far left.
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    Wife and I used to live on Lozells road behind a Jewelers opposite a Fish and Chip shop. Cant remember exact address was about 1973.
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    Group photos

    Handsworth Technical School swimming team 1964 I think. Your truly 2nd from left backrow. Trophy is the Handsworth Shield.
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    C & A Modes Corporation street

    1966 my girlfriend at that time was 19 yrs old and she was so small she bought all her clothes in C & A childrens dept :)
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    email formats

    This page should help you also https://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/Documentation/OOoAuthors_User_Manual/Getting_Started/Saving_a_document It's as jukebox says
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    Wretham Road.

    I went to Sunday School at that church in the 1950's,Lived opposite the bottom of Wretham Rd in Hunters Road. I haven't managed to find any photo's of Wretham Rd either. Had part time job at Stubbs grocery shop at top of Wretham Rd
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    Where did you live

    Born South Rd Nursing Home Smethwick 1949 110 Hunters Road Handsworth till 1965 Tintern House,Selcroft Ave, Harborne till married 1972 Houghton Rd Perry Barr Lozells Rd,Lozells Dora Road Handsworth The 1983 Perrott St Winson Green (still there)
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    Quinton, Selcroft Avenue pre 1970's?

    I think the extension of West Boulevard was at least mid to late 70's as I left when I got married in July 72 and it was not even started then. In Davids 2nd picture you can see the entrance top Brook Lane where a Warden Controlled complex was built on half of the allotments. My mother moved...
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    Quinton, Selcroft Avenue pre 1970's?

    My Mother,Brother and myself moved into the first block of flats in 1965,Selcroft avenue was not even laid as a proper road then and most flats were empty. I have no knowledge of what was there before hand.
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    Victoria Law Courts

    Astonian I have done jury service twice,once in Victoria Courts and 2nd time in QE court yet no other members of my family or even friends have been called to date. Much prefered Victoria courts even it it was more uncomfortable :)
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    Bread Strike Of 1978

    When the Bread strike was on I was a delivery driver moving new vehicles all over the country. I had a van to deliver to Edinburgh and one to bring back so after I swapped them I made for a bakery as they were not on strike up their and got as many as they would let me have and shared them...
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    Elmdon Airport

    I frequented the Buccaneer with a young lady many a time,she is now my wife of 40yrs :)
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    Dowding & Mills

    I worked at D & M Camp Hill in about 1966
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    "Crossroads" Quiz

    I'm embarrased,I got 10/14.
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    If memory serves Stan Stennett played Sid Hooper who either worked or owned the Garage in Crossroads
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    Endowment policies.

    I worked for the Liverpool Vic in the early 70's and also took out the £30 policy on my mother along with other policies.When she passed away in 2011 at the age of 90 the payout on the policies completely covered the cost of her funeral,flowers etc etc.
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    Where is This Schools #13

    I agree.