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  1. frederick

    National Assistance

    we had a few familiesin our stree that got National Assistance were any of you in this situation i think it was the bigger families i wes an only child so we dident get it and two lads next door they dident get it, whot are your memories.
  2. frederick

    missing father

    when i was a baby i was adopted i now have my birth certificate but my farthers name isn't on it, i have been toled that my farther was an American GI, how would i go about finding my farthers name.
  3. frederick

    Henley st b11

    my parent lived there at 5/9 until they moved to leamington rd i don't think i ever went down that st in my younger days i have photos of leamington rd but i have nothing of Henley st anyone with any photos