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  1. chocks2


    Have a very Happy Birthday Lyn. Enjoy the rest of your day xx
  2. chocks2

    Ansells Brewery

    That must be a different trip to the Monmouth one I mentioned Andrew. Sid had a heart of gold and his connections with football was vast. He was on the youth books for Aston Villa before signing for Wolves. He then moved to Port Vale for a while before giving up playing. He was then involved...
  3. chocks2

    Ansells Brewery

    It was Sid Timmins and he was my uncle. He passed away after a tragic accident in Dec' 2011. I used to come down with Sid and watch the training when I was on leave from the Navy and I spent a weekend with the youth team in Monmouth once. I don't remember Kenny Burns being there but Jimmy...
  4. chocks2

    Queens Beat Club, Erdington?

    Where Tesco's is now was Jacksons Furniture Shop and a car showroom. The Queens Hotel was next door to them. The Entrance to the club was in Reservoir Rd just before the railway.
  5. chocks2

    Arctic Convoys

    Hi Lady P. Your picture No4 is without doubt HMS Furious & pic No11 is one of the Colossus Class Carriers. Although difficult to say which one of the 10 in the class she is, (all were very similar) I would think that she is HMS Glory. Hope this helps a little.
  6. chocks2

    Ansells Brewery

    Thanks for the kind words Stevehanson. Yes, you've got the right guy and the right name of the C&W club he ran.
  7. chocks2

    Ansells Brewery

    Anyone who knew my Dad, Ron Timmins AKA "Cowboy". I regret to say that he sadly passed away on 28th August.
  8. chocks2

    Cycle shop just below Pritchett St on Aston Rd

    Not sure of the name Edifi but I think this may be the place you are refering to.
  9. chocks2

    telegram delivery bikes

    Probably not Birmingham but it gives an insight of the cycle and the uniform.
  10. chocks2

    Not as young as you were ?

    When I see toys on antique programmes that I used to play with.
  11. chocks2

    Wylde Green School, Green Lanes School

    I left Little Green Lanes Jnr school in 1969 (no photo's taken when I was there either) Unfortunately I don't remember any of the teachers except a guy named Mr Ellis or Ellison who was a huge Leeds fan.
  12. chocks2

    Sutton Road Surgery

    The roundabout was there in this photo taken post 1963 (I don't know the actual year of this picture but there is a Hillman Imp in the photo and the first of these was produced in 1963 so the photo must be after this year). I've also included a photo of the roundabout with the tram line running...
  13. chocks2

    War Hospitals Of Birmingham 1914-18

    This is the only picture I have of St Gerards as a WW1 Hospital. Dated 1917
  14. chocks2

    War Hospitals Of Birmingham 1914-18

    I have to admit to knowing very little about the Vicarage Hospital in Coleshill but I'm hopeful that these pictures will help.
  15. chocks2

    Greyhound, Court Lane

    I drank in the Greyhound regularly in the 70's. Rumour was that because of the difference in licencing laws between Erdington and Sutton, at 10.30pm you had to stand at the Sutton end of the Bar where you could drink until 11pm. I don't actually remember this practice taking place though so...
  16. chocks2

    Group photos

    Good to hear Brenda. Dare I ask if our paths could have crossed? I served 74 to 92.
  17. chocks2

    Group photos

    Hi Dave. Slightly off thread but just for you Dave.
  18. chocks2

    Group photos

    Thanks Paul.
  19. chocks2

    Group photos

    Thanks Vivienne. The principle of the team was to fly the flag so to speak, a public relations exercise but it was also to spark an interest in potential recruits to opt for the FAA trades. For us, the reality of the team was a cushy number and an easy life.
  20. chocks2

    Group photos

    This is my 1st post for a long time now so I thought I'd start again by showing a group photo of the Fleet Air Arm Exhib' Team 1979 at Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton awaiting Admirals Inspection. And in case you haven't guessed, I'm the good looking one.