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  1. bluebrummie

    Looking For Any Possible Family Ties To The Famous Music Hall Star Nellie Wallace

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with any genealogy information about the famous music hall star Nellie Wallace (Born in Glasgow 1870, Died in London 1948)? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nellie_Wallace Are you related to her in any way? My Dad (R.I.P.) always mentioned her...
  2. bluebrummie

    How Do I Find Further Canal Boat Information For Alcott Family, Wolverhampton

    Hi, I have recently had some certificates sent me regarding my Mom's side, the Alcott's who have a history of canal boating back to the 1700's. My Granddad, Oliver was born in 1915 on the "Sutherland", Hay Basin, Broad Street, Wolverhampton. His father, my Great Grandfather, Albert is on his...
  3. bluebrummie

    My Old 1982 Travel Card!

    OK so who remembers when Travel Cards were like this? LOL. This is from 1982 and is the first one I had after I left school. Note: Black and White photo's were much cheaper back then! Ha ha. :-D
  4. bluebrummie

    Wallace Nellie AKA Eleanor Jane Wallis Tayler!

    It as been a while since I went on this website (longer than I thought) and last time i cam on here I was looking for any links that I have been told I may have between my family and Nellie Wallace? I did get this message sent me but I don't think that person is on here anymore? "I notice you...
  5. bluebrummie

    Hi Past and Present members!

    Hi there, I haven't been on for a while but I haven't forgot all of you good people! :) I have been busy on my PC and try to do too many things at once! :P To all the Past members I already know I hope you are all well. :0422: To all the Present members who have joined since I last logged on...
  6. bluebrummie

    Dr Bhagarva in Shard End!

    Does anyone remember Dr Bhagarva (I think his last name is spelled right!?) and his surgery in Shard End next to All Saint's Primary School?
  7. bluebrummie

    Byng Kenrick Central School, Tile Cross, Birmingham

    Does anyone remember Byng Kenrick Central School and any pupils, teacher's etc. It is now known as The International School and Community College. I went to BKC from 1977 - 1982. If you was in Mr Sanderland's class when you left you should remember me or if you played footy in the playground...
  8. bluebrummie

    St Anne's School Duddeston

    Does anyone remember this School? Most of my siblings went there when we all lived in Dollman Street! There are some photo's to reminisce about here! :-)
  9. bluebrummie

    Decimalisation In 1971

    I was rummaging through a few old things of mine and I came across the following booklet about decimalisation that I am certain many will remember! Myself I was only a month away from being 5 so I don't personally! I remember Mom and Dad telling me when I got older that a lot of people felt...
  10. bluebrummie

    Birmingham City - Arthur Foster!

    Can anyone please help me find any information on Arthur Webster Foster (1894-1954) who played inside left for The Blues. I am told he scored 2 goals in 1918. Do you think the club would still have records of him playing for them and photo's?
  11. bluebrummie

    Warwickshire Cricket Club - Frank & Arthur Foster!

    Can anyone please help me find any information on Frank Foster (1889-1958) who played County Cricket for Warwickshire (there is a possibility he may of played for England as well?!) Do you think the club would still have records of him playing for them and photo's? Also it is understood that...
  12. bluebrummie

    Greyhound Coaches Owned By Sam Wilkes

    I have just found out from my Dad's Cousin in Canada that Dad's Grandad's Brother, Dave Wilkes, used to run a coach company called Greyhound. As far as I know he lived in Wolverhampton. Dave had Brother's named Sam (known as "Shocker", my Dad's Grandad) "Winky", Isiah and Tom. :) Did anyone...
  13. bluebrummie

    What Did St Alphege College Teach?!

    When the census was taken in 1901 a certain Frank R Foster was aged 12 and a student at St Alphege college, Solihull. Can anyone tell me what they taught around this time? :rolleyes:
  14. bluebrummie

    135 Dollman Street and onwards!

    I lived at 135 Dollman Street, Vauxhall, Nechells from my birth in 1966 until 1971 when I moved to 62 Hurst Lane in Shard End. I was there until I was 20. The following 27 years are as follows: Pithall Road, Shard End to Berrowside Road, Shard End to Glebe Farm Road, Stechford (then back to...
  15. bluebrummie


    Hi, As mentioned on this thread https://forum.birminghamhistory.co.uk/showthread.php?t=16311&highlight=foster I am trying to find out as much as I can about The Foster Family, some who ran the well known clothing company Foster Brothers, for a book I am going to write. Can anyone please help...
  16. bluebrummie

    The Power Of Peace Social Network!

    Hi, I have set up my own social networking site called The Power Of Peace and you are welcome to join if you like! :) https://thepowerofpeace.ning.com
  17. bluebrummie

    My Dog and My Cat!

    Here is a photo of my Staffy Rocky (4) and Cat Holly (5). :)
  18. bluebrummie

    Heartlands History Society In Nechells

    Eric Hall is the lovely bloke that runs it and if you are interested in joining check out the website @ https://www.heartlandshistory.com For further information see the following thread: https://forum.birminghamhistory.co.uk/showthread.php?p=143114#post143114
  19. bluebrummie

    History Of Boaties!

    Having discovered that up until 1940 there had been an history of boaties in my family (since the 1700's at least!) I was wondering if anyone else had a similar history? :rolleyes: :)
  20. bluebrummie

    General question!!

    I think my Nan is at rest in Witton Cemetery and I have other members buried in Wolverhampton, I think at a Cemetery in Bushbury or near it. Anyway what I want to know is when looking for relatives is it a case of looking around and hoping I find who I am looking for or can I ask someone who...