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  1. dereklcg

    Who,s this

    Just thought i,d try something a bit different. As aposed to where's this how about who,s this? the person on the right,famous the world over. dereklcg
  2. dereklcg

    where are we coming from (redditch)

    Thought this mite be a good idea, we love our forum and a big thanks to the powers that be keeping it all together for us. But where are we coming from IE living room, office, bedroom, under the stairs, i,m in my spare bedroom of our bungalow,in redditch with all that i need to be, for...
  3. dereklcg

    Lea Village Boys Secondary Modern School

    lea village secondary modern. i have photo of me in my school blazer for lea village if it helps? regards dereklcg
  4. dereklcg

    who had one of these

    Did anyone of you have one of these mean machines? i can remember a mate of mine having one brand new,from a shop on east meadway down past the mackadown towards tile cross he did look the part bless him. He was working while we were at school still,used to wait for us outside the gates in...
  5. dereklcg

    lewis hamilton

    i would to congratulate Lewis Hamilton for becoming Britain,s youngest formula 1 world champion ever. well done Lewis.
  6. dereklcg

    my last lorry

    hi all you ex drivers, i,m sure there is a good few of us out there, the last truck i drove, well lived in almost was a 17.1/2,ton leyland daf i used to deliver nickel and alloy steel. i used to like many other drivers well luckier than most i had two maybe three night,s out at...
  7. dereklcg

    The Moby Dick

    looks like another Birmingham pub, is past it,s sell by date. anyone remember it use it drink there run it? it,s there all on it,s own, the back of millennium point, looks like it had a make over not that long ago but a lick of paint could be deceptive. it,s more than likely seen...
  8. dereklcg

    where is this 76

    hi ya just thought i,d join in the fun if you don,t mind? it,s an old place that won,t be there long easy peasy
  9. dereklcg

    Fred the boot mender

    Where i lived in Cromwell st the top of grt lister st going towards the old soldiers,there was a boot mender our back yard backed onto the shop,i used to go in and help just for pennies we all knew him great bloke his name was Fred Andie and the shop was English leather, they had a main shop i...
  10. dereklcg

    Liverpool football club

    Yesterday Was The 19th Anniversary Of 96 Football Supporters Who Lost There Lives In The Name Of Football. I / We Will Remember Them. Through The Wind And Rain. Dereklcg.
  11. dereklcg

    Fascinating history facts

    SOME FACTS ABOUT THE 1500s most people got married in june because the took their yearly bath in may,and still smelled pretty good by june. however,the were starting to smell,so brides carried a bouquet of flowers to hide the body oddour. hence the custom today of carrying a bouquet when...
  12. dereklcg


    i,m looking to find cousins, named Greaves there last known address was Kemp road glebe farm area,be nice to catch up. both my uncle Doug and aunt Ada are now gone i also had an uncle and aunt in the shard end,area no longer here, but they had kids and i don,t know where they mite be? time frame...
  13. dereklcg

    hoggle my hedgehog

    not you average pet i know but such is life. just had to be different, a lady at our local hospital works for swan rescue,but it does,nt stop there she never knows what will turn up,so hence the hedgehog, she ask,d if i fancied giving it a home why not i,ve got a big garden they sleep all day...
  14. dereklcg

    Co-op bakery

    is there anyone from the stechford area remembers the co-op bakery in yardley fields road? i hav,nt been down that way in an age,it,s probably been gone for about 20 years but i don,t know? also the levis factory down past the station iron lane way i seem to remember all of parkinson cowan has...
  15. dereklcg

    don,t get off you,re bike i,ll pick your pump up

    has anyone heard of that saying before? more to the point have you ever seen a bicycle made for three that put,s a damper on the Daisey Daisey give me your answer do song? we,ve all seen the shop bike and most of us had a tricycle, happy days.:):) regards dereklcg
  16. dereklcg

    kids and motorbikes

    i,m a big bike fan, been looking on lot,s of different sites and lot,s of old photo,s remind me of my childhood growing up with bikes with my dad and my stepbrother working at the triumph in meriden. at a very early age got to get up there on a bike easy enough lot,s to grab onto got me legs...
  17. dereklcg

    telegram delivery bikes

    hi ya, anyone out there know what ever happened to the telegram delivery boy,s? i know there,s people who worked for the post office,on here. it,s one of them things that was there and you did,nt miss them till they were gone,them Smokey red bantams they rode before them there was the bike...
  18. dereklcg

    Gerome's the portrait

    Did anyone out there ever have a portrait done at Jerome's i think it was in colmore row opposite snow hill station? i,ve got one of me in a sailor suite i did look the part. i,m sure i was,nt the only one who had to stand still and watch the birdie way back when??
  19. dereklcg

    bsa away day

    hi postied hope you,re well? you said you were a former bsa piston popper, found some pics thought if you had,nt seen them you mite like them?
  20. dereklcg

    rupert street

    hi ya, does anyone remember a mural that was painted on the wall,in rupert street,nechells b7 at the far end over, avenue road as from grt lister street as i say over ave rd the wall if you know it is the railway yard or was i hav,nt been down that way in ages. the other end is rocky lane,but...