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    Birmingham City Council - Archives Section?

    According to an old web site that I was lucky enough to find I understand that Birmingham City Council maintains a section called the Archives and Heritage Section. Is this true ? and can anyone tell me what they have to offer. I have written to them several times and have not yet had the...
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    Death Certificate Details Required.

    One of my great aunts was Ann Marklew, born in 1817 in Birmingham, Warwickshire. She was baptised in 1818 in St. Martins Church. I'm reasonably sure that she died in 1876 and was buried in Witton Cemetery. In order to send for a copy of her death certificate I need to convert this burial...
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    Little Kenyon Street

    I have seen a few posts on the site that refer to Kenyon Street but I am looking for a street called Little Kenyon Street, it was in connection with an infant death in 1817 and I was wondering if this Little Kenyon Street was the same place as Kenyon Street. The parish burial records mention a...
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    Parish or Church ?

    Typical of the records I have for ancestral births is the following:- 1782 in Saint Martins, Birmingham, Warwickshire. I know that Saint Martins refers to the Parish in Birmingham where the birth, baptism etc. took place but does it also refer to the name of the Church, eg Saint Martins Church...
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    Where or what is Sand Pits ?.

    A few of my ancestors have births or other events relating to a place called Sand Pits. Can anyone tell me where or what is this place, I can't find it on any of my old maps. From BMD's of other relatives I'm guessing it might be somewhere near Bordesley. I can't assist with any street names...
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    Looking For Hospital/medical Records.

    My uncle suffered a head trauma in his early years and spent most of his life in institutions as a consequence. He was born in 1909 and we last had any news of him in the late 1960's. I want to find out where he was cared for and, naturally, what happened to him. Can anyone assist with the...
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    Died in Western Road Infirmary and buried where ?

    Can anyone help steer me in the right direction ? An ancestor, Richard Wright died on th 12th August 1904, according to his death certificate in the "Workhouse Infirmary Western Road", the informant on the death certificate is shown as "A.C.Gibson, Matron, Workhouse Infirmary, Western Road". Is...
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    Occupational Awarded Titles

    I am puzzled at how individuals various trades were recognised as having better than ordinary skills. For example one of my ancestors was a hairdresser, this was on several sucessive census forms but on the last census form he was described as hairdresser - master. Did he earn this additional...
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    Born in hospital or at home ?

    My great grandfather and mother had six children but I have noted from all of the birth certificates that every child was born at a different address, this was over a period from 1875 to 1893. I had assumed that these were different home addresses since this family, for one reason or another...
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    Purchase of Electoral Rolls ? and/or Kelly's ?.

    I have seem frequent references to Electoral Rolls on this web site and it seems clear that some people have access to the rolls, probably via purchased copies. Can someone give me the clues as to where you can get them and how much do they cost ? I would also be interested in any information...
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    Raddle Barn Road, Selly Oak.

    Good evening from rural NSW Australia. I have a Death Certificate that says the "Where and when died" was 31st May 1932 at what looks like 1. B. and then Raddle Barn Road, Selly Oak. I suspect this might hva e been a hospital of some sorts since the cause of death was complications after aflling...
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    GRO Death Certificate with two names on it ?

    I recently requested a Death Certificate from the GRO for one of my relatives who died in 1932. Her name was Marry Murray (nee Frankcom). I have now received the certificate but I'm at a loss to understand why there are two names on it. Under the heading "Name and surname" on the certificate it...
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    Frankcom Lucy 1890 Another infant death ?,

    In the 1891 Census the last child born to my great grandparents Charles and Mary Ann Frankcom (or Frankum in the census) was a daughter called Lucy. Lucy was only 11 months old at the time of the census and her date of birth is listed as "abt 1890". None of the family folklore or paperwork that...
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    frankcom leslie

    Leslie Frankcom was my uncle. Born February 1909 in Tilton Road, Aston. At a very early age, he was said to be a "toddler" he was playing with other local children giving each other rides in a wheelbarrow. Leslie fell out of the barrow and suffered some sort of head injury. According to family...
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    Railway Terrace ?.

    I have spent countless hours researching and looking for an ancestor that lived in Railway Terrace in "Vauxhall/Duddeston" - which according to my map runs between Long Acre Road and Nechells Park Road. I now find to my absolute horror that what on my map is shown as Lawford Street was also once...
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    Numbering of Courts, Houses

    I guess it's pretty obvious that houses given even numbers are on one side of the street and those with odd numbers are on the opposite side. But, when looking at a map, how can you tell which side has the odd numbers and which the even numbers ?, is there a common convention such as even...
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    Can anyone with a magic wand please assist. I am looking for a family that included Beatrice(?) Bull, whose address was, I think, 4 back of 13, Lawford Street, Vauxhall Road. I know that there are two streets/roads in the address but that's how the information was presented. Those two...
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    Finding divorce decree/record

    Can anyone please advise me on how to obtain details of divorce proceedings. I know the names of the parties concerned but I would like to know the dates that applied. This divorce is comparatively recent, best guess about 1965. Any advice ?
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    Baldwins William Who were parents.

    Looking for help in identifying the parents of my uncle, William Henry Baldwin. Born July 1908, siblings were Violet, Len and Doris. Family lived in Oldknow Road, Small Heath, Birmingham just before WW2. Would like to identify the names of his parents and the address in Oldknow Road.
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    Infant deaths.

    I know that in my families history a lot of children died soon after birth, there were also stillborn children and lots of miscarriages. At what point are these deaths recorded. Are deaths only recorded for children and adults providing they have been christened or registered as being born ...