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    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    I have a Mitsubishi Pajero 4X4. The rego docos call it a 'Wagon' after estate wagon I presume. John
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    Lucas products and services

    Post #2 Mere Green - H.V. silicone conductors. That's the squishy stuff that's in boob implants isnt it Vivienne - sorry, only joking - silicon without the e. John
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    In the Garden Jan - Oct 2020

    Smudger, #894 When we lived in Shropshire in the late 80's the farmers had the government sponsored set-a-side to reduce some of the EU food mountains. Within 3 years the set-a-side fields were full of docks, thistles, nettles & ragwort (which had control orders on it because of its toxicity to...
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    Australia immigration

    I think you will find that most of shipping in the 19th century from GB to Aus. came down the east coast & across to the west to Adelaide (South Aus.), The Bight & round to Perth. (I think this is the shortest when you take the curvature into account) Perth was founded in 1829, Governor...
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    Yardley Secondary School Grammar School

    Correction to my post #29 dated 7/5/2019: The school camp was at Wellsbourne Airfield. John
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    Knowle Road Sparkhill

    Maurice My mother was born in Knowle Rd. in 1912 at, I think, number 124. My grandfather was Wilfrid Bright, grandmother Rosa (who I never met) children Gladys, Violet (my mother) Ralph, Harry & Nell. Wilfrid lived there until his death in 1966. My father lived in Nanson Rd off the Stratford Rd...
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    Dr Gough, Shirley Road, Acocks Green

    Certainly, when I was a kid, early 1940's, I lived about 100m. from the surgery which is on the roundabout where Lakey Lane crosses Shirley Rd. Certainly Dr Wiseman was my mothers doctor (& probably the rest of the family) I think Dr Gough was the senior & I recognise the name Kerton My father...
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    Yardley Secondary School Grammar School

    Crikey Viv That photo brought back memories, same year as I left YGS. Recognised 'The Beak' straight away. Last time I saw Les Young was at a reunion of past pupils at the old school after it had closed, he was living in Bidford on Avon at that time. And Billy Williamson, he taught both my...
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    Birmingham Small Arms.

    Hi. I'm not sure what a 'proof house' is but the BSA satellite factory built (presumably) in the 30's in Marshall Lake Rd, Shirley had underground test firing range. When Lucas bought the place in the mid 60's it was on right hand side of the factory when viewed from the road. It consisted of a...
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    Lanchester Cars

    David The 'meat warehouse' was part of Lucas, Formans Rd altho' on Google it looks refurbished. It was occupied by the Diecasting & Plastic Moulding divisions & also Lucas Transport. The Battery factory occupied the demolished area between the warehouse & Al Furgan (Formans Rd) School. I seem to...
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    Lucas Engineering School Great Hampton Street

    Andyboy, Any ex apprentices of the 50,s & 60,s must remember Ted. Ran the office for Sam Davies & took the daily exercises on the roof & at Handsworth Tech. Lots of photos on Lucas Memories.
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    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    Chris Drove over the canal bridge daily from 1962 until 1985. I don't remember the imposing looking property on the Stratford side of the bridge altho' Google shows several more modern looking buildings along that stretch (some of which I don't recognise!) The one thing that did change was the...
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    Coffee Bars:

    Jennyann Surely El Torro was in Ethel St on the left going down from New St. Opening in 1958? I am sure that I went to the El Torro in the middle '50s & cant remember paying to get in. John
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    Sparkhill Baths

    Hi Just found this thread. As of July'15 Google suggest that the baths still stands as I remember them. Went to Yardley Grammar 1949/54 & used to go to the baths 52 -54 on the way home from school. The earlier postings from ellbrown show the diving boards at the deep end. I still remember...
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    Moseley Road Baths

    Re: Moseley Swiming Baths Open Day Moseley Swimming Baths - is this the home of the Dolobran(?) swimming club in the 1930's. I think that my father was treasurer of the club until WW2. I gathered that he was relieved that when the war came & the club was disbanded. John
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    Cocks Moor Woods Golf Course Crater

    In the late 40's early 50's I used to accompany my father to Cocksmoor Wood golf course on Saturday morning for his round of golf with his colleagues from work. My recollections of the course were a wooden(?) hut at the entrance & the hole where my father used to loose balls. I think you had to...
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    Broadspeed Cars

    Hi. Remember well the Broad brothers in Sparkhill/Camp Hill, under the railway arches just the other side from Camp Hill Grammar. Used to buy engine parts for our Mini which we used to rally. I always thought their claim to fame in the 60's was their 105E's winning the British Saloon Car...
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    Mike "a convenient weight...........carried easily by the coalman" With the Health & Safety regs nowdays I think the limit now is 25kg or 55lbs in old money! John
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    Cadbury's Bournville Factory

    Re: Cadbury's Bourneville Viv, Thanks v much for that link. It looks as tho' the "local pub historians" information about loading churns onto the boats was actually off loading them! or perhaps I misunderstood. Interestingly, Cadbury's Milk Choc is popular here in Australia but it doesnt, to...
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    Cadbury's Bournville Factory

    Re: Cadbury's Bourneville Vivienne14 Only just seen seen your link on Chocolate Charlie running from Ellesmere Port. We lived in Islington on the Shrewsbury branch (near Newport) for 20+ years so that the Shropie was quite close. We regularly jogged or rode along the canal & passed the dock at...