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  1. AnnieB

    Balmoral Road Erdington

    Thank you. I have now found the road on the 1923 Electoral Register with no inhabitants but 5 in 1924 so presuming it was built in 1923.
  2. AnnieB

    Balmoral Road Erdington

    Does anyone know when the houses in Balmoral Road, B23 were built, please?
  3. AnnieB

    Metro Cammell

    Hi Dave! Thank you for this info. I have emailed the Birmingham Library, as I believe they have an archived section for Metro-Cammell, and asked if they are able to match it with anything they hold. Other than that, I am at a loss as to what it relates to. My Dad also worked at MC in the 60's...
  4. AnnieB

    Avatars Profile pictures

    Thank you, Maurice! :)
  5. AnnieB

    Avatars Profile pictures

    How do I get my profile pic the right way up, please? Whatever I upload, it always ends up on its side! Thanks
  6. AnnieB

    Metro Cammell

    My cousin in South Africa has recently come across the coin/medal attached which belonged to our grandfather. Is there anyone on here able to tell me if this was issued by MC? We are thinking it may be a medal for some shooting club but is it one to do with MC. Any suggestions out there would be...
  7. AnnieB

    Steel Toy Maker

    My great grandfather was a steel toy maker. Would this have been a reserved occupation during WW1? I know steel workers were but was this occupation included?
  8. AnnieB

    Birmingham TB patients

    My great grandfather was born and lived with his family in Nechells from 1878 until 1924. In 1924, he contracted TB (he died of this in 1926-confirmed by his death certificate)as the family went to live in Malvern. I have been trying to ascertain which hospital he may have been sent to (again -...
  9. AnnieB

    Metro Cammell Saltley

    My dad worked for Metro Cammell for 20 odd years until he was made redundant in the 80's. I have this legacy on my garden shed door.
  10. AnnieB

    MEM Tyseley

    My grandmother worked at the MEM for years until her retirement in 1972. Her 'best friend' there was Beattie but that's all I can remember. We lived with my Nan and her second husband, Les, in OBW for 6 months whilst my parents new house was being built. My Mom did some night work at the MEM to...
  11. AnnieB

    Court Farm Primary Tedbury Crescent School Erdington

    Court Farm was my first school. I started in September 1962 and left in July 1968 when my family moved to Lichfield. I remember Mr Hill, Mr Mortiboys and Miss Percival. I was a long time member of the choir and skittleball team of which there are photographs out there somewhere. If anyone has...
  12. AnnieB

    Summer Road Erdington

    Thanks, Alberta! You have confirmed my husband's memory. Maybe I can find out who the builders were which may jog my memory. I remember the alley you are talking about and I remember Dodd's the 'wallpapeer shop'. Mrs. Dodd's brother was Engelbert Humperdinck!
  13. AnnieB

    Summer Road Erdington

    Thank you! Great Photo! I am still convinced that Bakers yard was at the bottom of my garden and Google maps is sort of confirming this but my husband still disagrees. I have an aunt who might be able to remember.
  14. AnnieB

    Summer Road Erdington

    When I lived in Balmoral Road, Erdington during the late 50's until 1968, there was some sort of delivery yard at the bottom of our garden which is off Summer Road. I was always led to believe it was Baker's removals. My late father-in-law worked for Baker's and my husband used to go to the...
  15. AnnieB

    Congreve Street

    My grandmother, May White, was a barmaid at the White Horse in the early 60's. I can remember visiting her at work on several occasions when my parents took me to town.
  16. AnnieB

    White Horse Congreve Street

    My grandmother, May White, was a barmaid at the White Horse in the early 60's. I can remember visiting her at work on several occasions when my parents took me to town.
  17. AnnieB

    The Antelope - Sparkhill

    Hello Big Gee! I have just registered on this site and, whilst searching for pictures for my family tree, I came across your post on here re The Antelope pub, Sparkhill. The "Aunt Eve" you referred to was my grandmother's sister - my great aunt! My grandmother - May White - lived in the house...
  18. AnnieB

    The Antelope - Sparkhill