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  1. chocks2

    Lea Hall -

    Today I had to make a delivery to some allotments in Wood Lane Perry Barr. As I drove down a little lane on my right I was confronted by a very large building. I was informed by one of the growers that the building was know as Lea Hall. The Hall itself is well hidden from the road by thick trees...
  2. chocks2

    Georgian Post Boxes.

    Coleshill has two georgian post Boxes and one of these, according to a book I have is reputed to be a George V box (though I'm not sure which) Niether of the boxes carry a rednal number which I find quite odd. Can anyone tell me why? and are there any other Georgian Post Boxes in the Birmingham...
  3. chocks2

    Coleshill to Birmingham and Brylcreem

    In 1895 a small chemist shop was opened in the High Street Coleshill trading under the name of the "County Chemical Company" the founder specialised in oils and lubricants mainly for the car and cycle industries along with puncture repair kits but from 1896 he was trying to develope a grease...
  4. chocks2

    Nan And Grandad Of Chocks2

    This is a picture I aquired last night from my Mom. It's my Nan and Grandad on their wedding day in 1932 at Aston Parish Church. Sadly my Grandads life was cut short when TB took him in 1935 aged only 25 years. My only reason for sharing this picture with you is because I'm so proud to own it...
  5. chocks2

    Info and location required.

    Last night my mother gave me some old photographs and this one has us all puzzled. All we know about it is that the lady marching front right is my Great Grandmother. She is carrying the Standard of the Royal British Legion. We don't know the date but it is obviously between the wars. The...
  6. chocks2

    Body Washer at St Barnabus.

    I've recently descovered that my Gt Gradmother was employed by St Barnabus church in Erdington as a "Body Washer". All we have been able to learn about this is that she washed the recently departed. She was well into her late 70's or early 80's when she was doing this job and it would have been...
  7. chocks2

    Birmingham Medal

    Can anyone tell me, what this medal was awarded for and who would have recieved it? Does anyone know how many were produced and awarded? I've never seen one and if they were produced in large amounts I feel I would have seen one somewhere before.
  8. chocks2

    Church Pictures

    Came across these postcards yesterday and although I have no interest in churches myself I felt sure some of you would be glad to see them.
  9. chocks2

    Trafalgar Rd - Nechells

    A friend of mine has been doing a family search and he came across an old map in B'ham Library dated c1813. He did a quick pencil sketch of the map and when I looked at it there was a road called Trafalgar Rd running parrallel to Long Acre and Nechells Park rd somewhere around where Cook Street...
  10. chocks2

    Photo and Info request

    I am looking for any information and a photo if possible of a shop that was on the corner of Crompton Rd and Long Acre in the Late 50's, early 60's. I seem to remember that it was a fruit and veg shop and it could have been called "Newtons" but I may be wrong and I think it was owned by a gent...
  11. chocks2

    William Timmins Address

    Can anyone decipher or suggest what street this may be. It is definately in Aston and it is the address of William Arthur and Kate Timmins in 1901.
  12. chocks2

    Church? Cook Street, Nechells

    This is a follow on from the thread called Park Lane I started a couple of days ago. A friend of mine at work has asked me for any information about "Ebanezers" but he was certain that it was in Nechells. After searching the Forum I gave him the News that "Ebanezers was in Park Lane Aston...
  13. chocks2

    Park Lane

    Could someone please tell me where Park Lane Nechells was? or if it actually existed. Cheers Chocks
  14. chocks2

    Working Mans Club. Nechells Park Rd.

    I have been told today of a Working Mans Club on Nechells Park Rd. I'm told it was somewhere near the park and it was there in the late 50's early 60's. I don't remember this club myself so could anyone confirm this for me and if it did exist could anyone tell me what it was called? Chocks
  15. chocks2

    HMS Birmingham - Tompion

    Found this today. A "Tompion" (the bit you put in the end of a ships gun to stop the bad wheather getting in). It must be from the WWII HMS Birmingham. Thought it may be of interest to someone?
  16. chocks2

    Remembrance Sunday - Where should I go?

    I've marched at the Cenotaph in London every Remembrance Sunday since I can remember but this year, I can't make it there. I can't go to the NMA either so where should I go within the West Midlands area? Where is there a good service and a parade worth seeing or even taking part in? Chocks...
  17. chocks2


    I work for a well established timber specialist that has been in business in Brum since 1923. Being nosey I started to look into the history of the company and found out that they started off by selling bags of sawdust. My first thought was that there must have been a lot of butchers about way...
  18. chocks2

    On The Town Again

    Oh yes! Frothy, Templer and I hit the town again today. Our first port of call was..... GUESS?:P
  19. chocks2

    Wooden Roads

    It seems that in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, roads in London were made of wooden blocks soaked in turpentine then coated with tar. Apparently this was better for the horses. These roads must have lasted for somewhere between 40 and 60 years without replacement for when the Blitz...
  20. chocks2

    Bennetts Hill, Waterloo Street

    I noticed on some of the Maps posted by Mikejee in various threads that on the 1810 map around the Cathedaral area both Waterloo St and Bennetts Hill didn't exist but by 1839 both did however on a map of 1500 and something Bennetts hill did exist but literally as a hill and not a road. Now...