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  1. Ray T

    Bogus Warnings

    Hello, all, On putting up Explorer just now and loading the MSN news page, I saw it suddenly go blank and a couple of boxes appeared onscreen. Supposedly from Microsoft Security, they informed me that my computer had been corrupted and would cease to function unless I followed instructions...
  2. Ray T

    Wild Lion On Display Moseley Road

    Hello, all, When I was a boy in the 1950s I clearly remember looking out of an upstairs bus window and seeing an angry lion pacing and growling in a cage tight behind a large window. I think the premises was a garage on the Mosely Road and the lion was obviously being used as an advertising...
  3. Ray T

    Childhood Memories Of Trains

    Hello, everybody, Glad to be a new member here. This seems a good place to share my memories childhood trainspotting in Birmingham. Perhaps other "steam fanatics" will add their own recollections of certain places or locos. I grew up in a back-to-back house in Long Street, Sparkbrook, and...