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  1. Ian FOFB

    Mike G's memorial day

    Mike maybe gone, but he is not forgotten. His spirit lives on in the Forum. Sadly missed. Ian.
  2. Ian FOFB

    Stephenson Tower

    Someone has done a great job with the time lapse pictures. I work in the building opposite where it used to stand and have been taking daily pictures ( over 450 ) of the exact same thing. It was interesting to watch the demolision, it took 6 months start to finish and they used JCB type...
  3. Ian FOFB

    Old Maps of Birmingham

    Well hello from an old Saltlian. Ian.
  4. Ian FOFB

    Old Maps of Birmingham

    It was my old school badge - Saltley Grammar School - so if you went there it is one and the same. sadly the school ceased to be a Grammar half way through my time there - 1974-1979.
  5. Ian FOFB

    Metro extension

    Looks like the town planners are intent on creating as much havoc in the City as they can. The first link is to Centro's site https://www.centro.org.uk/metro/CityCentreExtension.aspx The second link shows a more in depth plan - worth a lok for the map alone...
  6. Ian FOFB

    Old Maps of Birmingham

    thanks for the old maps leslam. Ian
  7. Ian FOFB

    Old Maps of Birmingham

    I've re-posted some old maps that may be of interest. You can view them in my Old Map gallery on the new image host. https://images.birminghamhistory.co.uk/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=104 Ian.
  8. Ian FOFB

    City Skyline 2010

    Interesting picture Dek - you don't normally get to see the building from that angle - part of the old Birmingham Stock Exchange wasn't it ?
  9. Ian FOFB

    Mike Guest

    So sad to hear of Mike's passing - I had the privilege of meeting and chatting with him several times . Rest In Peace Mike - condolences to the family. Ian.
  10. Ian FOFB

    H.P Sauce Birmingham

    The old HP site in Aston Cross is currently being redeveloped after months of delay. The bulldozers are currently laying the tracks and getting the foundations ready for a large development for East End Foods . There was an expected completion date of August 2011 but that might well have...
  11. Ian FOFB

    Unknown pub ????

    I'm surprised that Frothy didn't recognise it as being pub like ( mind you the photo was from the outside ).:D .
  12. Ian FOFB

    map 1

    Birmingham 1874 - from Black's guide to England and Wales, Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black .</B> Not the best of quality. Ian.
  13. Ian FOFB

    map 1

    And another that could be of interest - Baedeker Map of the City Centre - from 1902 - this copy was printed 1906. Ian.
  14. Ian FOFB

    BCFC carling cup winners 2011

    Well done to the Blues ( as much as it may choke me as a Villa fan ) . Can't see why the council have denied them a well deserved parade. Here's hoping all the Midlands teams can avoid the dreaded R word and fight it out again next season in the Premier League. Ian.
  15. Ian FOFB

    lad in the Lane meet On The Day

    Competition time. Spot the stuffed one ! Ian.
  16. Ian FOFB

    lad in the Lane meet On The Day

    And a few more ! Ian
  17. Ian FOFB

    lad in the Lane meet On The Day

    Here's a few pics from earlier. Ian
  18. Ian FOFB

    lad in the Lane meet On The Day

    Thanks for a great afternoon everyone - just wonder what the h*** I'm going to do with a stuffed bird - I thought my lad was joking when he said he wanted it ! Anyway - here's a couple of videos from the meet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfFHiHTvTQ4...
  19. Ian FOFB

    Air raid shelters

    My grandparents had two anderson shelters 'buried' in their back garden, not far from Marsh Lane and the picture posted earlier, just off Chudleigh Road backing onto the reservoir. After the war they were dug up and used as garden sheds. I have fond memories of building a den in one as a child...
  20. Ian FOFB

    Erdington - High Street

    Not deliberately trying to miss you David - honest - I think you leave to go to the match before we arrive , normally get there 2 o'clock ish or later.