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  1. terry carter

    Dartmouth Street 1881

    Trying to find out where Dartmouth Street was. Was it anything to do with Lower Dartmouth Street? 1880 1890 period. Terry
  2. terry carter

    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Tomms May/June 1915

    I am after a bit of info concerning an Elizabeth (Lizzie) Tomms born in 1886 to Charles and Elizabeth Tomms who lived at 127 Edwards Road, Erdington. She was a domestic servant in 1911 and in 1913 went to work in Canada. She was a passenger on the Lusitania when the liner was sunk on 7 May...
  3. terry carter

    St Edburgha's Church Yardley (Yardley Old Church) War Memorial

    Trying to find out when the WW1 memorial in the church was unveiled and any other info. The church authorities have no info. Terry
  4. terry carter

    Sutton Coldfield Library Saturday 4 October 2014 "BIRMINGHAM PALS" 1914

    On Saturday 4 October, 2014 (for one day only), myself and my mate, Dave Vaux, will be putting on a display about the 1st and 2nd Birmingham Battalions (14th & 15th Royal Warwickshires) training period in Sutton Park. 100 years ago on Monday morning, 5 October 1914, two special trains pulled...
  5. terry carter

    Yardley in WW1

    Hello all I am helping out with a display about Yardley in WW1 to be held in St Ediburgh's Church, Yardley or as some of us Brummies know it 'Yardley Old Church'. Research has been done on the Church War Memorial. BUT..... any other info would be welcome However I am making this appeal to...
  6. terry carter

    Buck family 43 Great Brook Street

    On the day war was declared, 4 August 191, John Buck aged 12, was watching gun carriages being moved. He was pushed against one and ended up being crushed. He was taken to hospital with severe internal injuries. (taken from the Birmingham Daily Post 5 August 1914) Could anyone tell me what...
  7. terry carter

    Town Labourer ?

    My great uncle died in the Great War. He enlisted into the Special Reserve in 1911 when he was 19 years old. On his service papers he put down as his occupation "Town Labourer". Would this be something like a street cleaner? Thanks Terry
  8. terry carter

    Merrick family of 28 Coxwell Rd, Edgbaston 1911 Census

    I bought a postcard of a young girl taken in a Birmingham photographer's studio on October 1914. Her name is Elsie Merrick and she was 14 years old. Checking the 1911 Census she has two older Brothers. Sidney Bruce Merrick and Hubert Howard Merrick. The Absent Voters List of 1918 shows Sidney...
  9. terry carter

    Klein Marshall younger brother of Birmingham VC

    Klein Marshall born 1892 was the younger brother of Acting Lt Col James Neville Marshall, Irish Guards attached 16th Lancashire Fusiliers who was awarded the Victoria Cross on 4 November 1918 in an action which he was also killed. The Marshall family moved from Manchester to Acock's Green...
  10. terry carter

    Birmingham Council & 100th anniversary of 1914 - 1918.

    hello all Just to let you know that I was invited to the last and all future Committee meetings regarding the Birmingham Council's commemorations of the 100th Anniversary of the Great War. Various bodies were represented i.e., Education, Museums, University, BBC, Trinity Mirror, Parks &...
  11. terry carter

    Frank Joseph Powell - Bricklayer - Nechells

    In the 1911 Census Frank Joseph Powell was living with his parents, Thomas & Elizabeth, sister Elizabeth and brothers Thomas, John & William at 98 Scholefield Street, Nechells. The census states that Frank was a bricklayer working for a building firm. He married Ada Hutton in 1913. He seems to...
  12. terry carter

    Birmingham City first home game at St Andrews 1906

    As any one got a copy of the programme for the first home game at St Andrews. I have been told it is only one sheet of paper. Cheers Terry
  13. terry carter

    Absent Voters 1918 Look up needed please

    I have info on a Pte A Harvey, of the South Staffordshire Regt. In January 1917 his home address was 124 Argyle Street, Nechells. If a forum member has access to the 1918 Absent Voters list could they check the address please. I am trying to find out his full name and number and which battalion...
  14. terry carter

    TILTON Road, Small Heath

    This is not a Birmingham City FC related thread. I am after a couple of good pictures of Tilton Road before it was all demolished showing the old Terraced houses or the various terraces. Even if its got Auntie Mabel in it or Uncle Alf in it. can any Forum member help please? Thanks Terry
  15. terry carter

    TILTON Road, Small Heath

    Can a forum member with a good map of Tilton Road, showing all the names of the "Places" "Terraces" that come off Tilton Road i.e Tintern Place, Osbourne, Stanley etc etc Cheers Terry
  16. terry carter

    Baffling investigation to a V.C.

    Hello Fellow Forum members I found a brief article in one of the editions of a WW1 Birmingham Newspaper. It relates to a VC winner being born in Sparkbrook and attending Five Ways Grammar School. I have been in contact with the Archivist at the King Edwards School Foundation and they have no...
  17. terry carter

    Very young Smethwick soldier

    hello all Found an interesting item in Picture World published on 9 Feb 1916. Can anyone help me in finding out more about this lad Thanks Terry p.s. Illustrated Weekly Mercury was where the item come from.
  18. terry carter

    Yardley Secondary School Grammar School

    I have two school magazines for Yardley Secondary School. December 1915 & December 1918. There are match reports regarding Netball games, so I assume it was a mixed school. Does anyone know where the school was situated? Thanks Terry
  19. terry carter

    Life in Birmingham during WW1

    I am starting research about life on the home front in Birmingham during WW1. I will be covering recruitment, training, casualties, munitions, military hospitals etc. I do have a copy of the 1921 book " Birmingham in the Great War", but, I want to elaborate more and use more pictures. And...
  20. terry carter

    Gibbins Lily Violet born 9 August 1916

    There has never been any mention of Lily Violet Gibbins from family members. My mom who is 85 has no idea who she is. She is the daughter of my gran and her first husband, Benjamin Gibbins 1890-1919 who died of Spanish Flu on leave from France. Any clues please Thanks Terry