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    does anybody have an idea as to what the weekly widows pension (including 3 children) was in 1965???
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    John T Lorton Marriage 1962

    Hello, Have found a marriage for John T Lorton to Ann Wormington in 1st Qtr 1962, Birmingham (volume 9c, page 995). As I am in Tunisia, can't order the cert.... Is there a chance that the next time someone passes to the Library, they could check out whatever further info is on the cert for me...
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    National Lorry Driver of the year Award - late '50's/early '60's................

    Hi all, I have recently found out that my father was the regional winner for the Midlands - and went on to win the National Lorry Driver of the year award. This must have been very late '50's, or early '60's.... I think he was working for Dunlop at the time?? I've tried to find out info on this...
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    David Macquaker (McQuaker)

    Hi all, Already have threads on name, place, and census requests concerning the family of David Macquaker... Please bear with me!! David married Annie Webb, with a daughter Ellen (all confirmed on his enlistment / pension détails) for 11th service Battalion, Worcestershire regiment. His daughter...
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    Bevington - 1932 Back of High St, Bordesley

    Hello, looking for Macquaker - Alice and Ellen, who gave their address at their marriages in 1932 as 7/143 High St - showing as being occupied by the Bevington family. Does anyone have any connections to Bevington that might be able to throw some light here please?!
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    7/143 High St, Deritend

    Morning all, and Happy New Year! Does anyone know how to search for who lived at 7/143 High St, Deritend in 1932 please?
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    1911 Info, clarification concerning Garrison Lane, Aston if anyone has!!

    Hi alln am looking for a relative that doesn't seem to exist, although she does! Alice Macquacker born in 1910, with possible sister Mary Ann in 1911. possible parents David and Annie; I have found a 1911 census Cooks Building, Garrison Lane for 3 females- but no individual info on occupants...
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    Catherine Burgwin - living in Vaughton Street South in 1965

    Hello, Looking for a possible family contact with the above person - this is a one off, I only had the road name to go on! So, if anyone knows where she is (or children of) would be most appreciated!
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    Florence M Fulwell - 1965 in Vaughton Street South

    Hello, Looking for a possible family contact with the above person - this is a one off, I only had the road name to go on! So, if anyone knows where she is (or children of) would be most appreciated!
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    Vaughn St West?

    Don't know if I've got the spelling right, and if there is also east etc... How do I find the electoral rolls of who lived there in 1964/5? Many thanks for any help! Dynausaur of the research era!!
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    James Abraham Beard

    Showing as landlord of the Warwick Arms in 1879 - am trying to find parents - and ties to William Beard b1805, Shoe maker
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    Golden Lion - Deritend

    Anyone have any historic of owners/tenants please? Looking for Beard family!
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    Golden Lion Pub, Deritend

    Looking for info as to Beard Family, that were owners/tennants in 1800/1900?
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    The Golden Lion Pub

    I have a photo of this pub with 'Beard Bros' frontage - before being moved to Cannon Hill Park. Does anyone have any info on the Beard Family please?
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    Hunt/Hotron 1871 Looking for links beztween - Charles Henry street?

    My 2nd gr Grandfather was a builder, and married into the Birmingham Horton Family - also builders. Looking for possible links?
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    Looking for (possible) Baptism records - Parents not married!

    Thomas Lorton b1889 (there are 2 BMD births in 1889, one aston, one Birmingham - trying to sort which is my thomas!) Brother Frederick, b1892. Parents Thomas Lorton and Emma. 1911 census clearly show that Thomas and Emma were never married - as her surname 'Lorton' crossed out and replaced with...
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    Norton Hannah b1846

    I am beginning to feel that anything that has 'orton' as part of the name is related to me!! Hannah Norton, born 1846, marries to Samuel Spears in 1866 Looking for parents and family info please! Ta!!
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    Neal William b1845

    Born in Carlton, Leicestershire - I know, not a Brummy, but with brummy links - and trying to tie them up! Am looking for any info on his parents.... Have him on 1871 census in Birmingham with his wife and children - Occupation Brass finisher, and in 1891 as a Widower in Loughboro, occupation...
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    Birmingham Dairies - Christmas!

    No, I didn't work there - but my Dad did... can still remember the Ice cream blocks, brought home wrapped in white ice - which was more exciting than the ice cream - when it bubbled up in water!! Christmas...and the Christmas parties!! All us kids, stuffing ourselves, and then the singing...
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    Smallwood, Louisa born c1831

    Marriage to John Lorton noted 1Q 1853 - Kings Norton, Worcestershire. Not sure which church that would be, so posting here. Looking for parents of Louisa, and any witness info/address etc - as usual! Many thanks!