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    Egyptian Mummy In Birmingham Museum

    Hi I am trying to find out information about an Egyptian Mummy owned by the Cadbury family. It was loaned to a cinema in 1932 by Elizabeth Cadbury and eventually was given to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in 1966. Does anyone know any more details about it please or any other...
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    Turner Brothers Toolmakers

    Hi My mom and Dad both worked there for many years...Janet Allen and Henry (Harry) Cattell. My Mom worked as a secretary for Alan Thompson and Dad was an engineer/mechanic. Does anyone remember them? I remember going to some great children's parties...pantomines were very popular. I also used...
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    Mummy at the Hall

    I was talking to my aunt at the weekend about Aston Hall and she remembered visiting there as a child (she is now 88 years old) and seeing a mummy partially unwrapped on display. It terrified her as a young girl! Does any one have any details or any memories about this at all? Thanks :)