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    Yardley Wood

    Finely finished my book about Billesley & Surrounds after 10 years with the help of another "Billesleyite" John Lerwill !
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    Yardley Wood

    Pics taken over the last year!
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    Pinfold House.Mansfield Rd. Yardley

    Mr leonard was named Roger, his son Malcolm, don't know about PA! I spoke to malcolm some time ago and asked him if he had any photographs but I haven't heard from him since. He now lives in Dickens Heath having built an oak timbered house there.....
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    Yardley Wood

    Hi Airbrush. Here is an old picture of the shop! Pete
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    The Shops on Haunch Lane-Ladds TV & Repair Shop

    Here is a picture of the prefab in Haunch Lane, next to were the sub station is now! next door is the garage then the Tudor picture house..
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    The Shops on Haunch Lane-Ladds TV & Repair Shop

    Here is a picture of the prefab in Haunch Lane, next to were the sub station is now! The Tudor picture house in the background with the garage between them........(picture from my collection for my book on Billesley)
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    Yardley Wood

    Hi Dave. Have you got any pictures of the Billesley Arcadians? were they based in Billesley or Warstock/Yardley Wood? I am still looking for any information/history for Billesley for my book! Please contact via Instant Message.
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    Our Lady of Lourdes, Yardley Wood

    Here is a pic I took last year.
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    Hi Linda. I see your name in my list of relatives! I don't know how much info you have but you are welcome to any that I have.either reply to this or send me a PM. I haven't added anything for the last year and need a new incentive to carry on! Pete Haylor-------Herbert &...
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    The Cottage, Mill Pool Hall Kings Heath

    There are still some cottages along the towpath just down from the pub went past last week!
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    Canals of Birmingham

    Re: Canals of Brum Yes Speedy23, all correct, I see you are in Warstock, have you seen the cottage by Yardley Wood Rd, it's almost finished now & looks great, should be worth a tidy sum when completed!
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    Canals of Birmingham

    Re: Canals of Brum Pictures taken while cycling along the canal pathways!
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    Bevington Road Aston

    I remember BeeBee's when we moved to Bevington Rd in 1968, "dirty shop" but had everything! Did the trams go up the other end of Bevington? we lived at 131 Bevington until 1990...
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    Wheelers Lane Boys School

    Anyone expelled from Billesley Seniors usually went to Wheelers lane, our dumping school!
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    The Retreat, Yardley Wood Road.

    Here are the nissan huts on Billesley Common 1946. Pete
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    Pinfold House.Mansfield Rd. Yardley

    My father used to work for the Leonards family when they bought Pinfold House and was involved with the restoration work and getting and laying the parquet floors which came from a local cinema, they had 2 hours to remove them and Roger Leonard got the whole staff to come down and they filled...
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    Billesley change of postal district

    Hi Mike. Just found a letter dated 1967 and the Billesley area was already B13. Pete
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    shop accident

    Was the "elf" & safety notified, I believe he may be otherwise engaged!
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    H.P Sauce Birmingham

    I haven't had a bottle of "HP Sauce" since it left Birmingham and I am not surprised that they have adjusted the taste, what we want is for a local maker to make a sauce with similar taste to the old one and we can call it "Brummegum sauce"
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    Perry Barr Army Huts 1948 onwards....

    They did this on Billesley Common, it appears that the people used the old army huts as they were homeless.