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    Old postcards

    I am writing a book and have been buying old postcards from the Internet. Most have cost between £1.25 to £7.99 but one supplier is charging up to £35.99 for general Birmingham street scenes and a survey of her pictures are from about £11.99 to £49.99,I can't believe the prices and she will not...
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    Norman Gidney. The Billesley Millionaire

    I am searching for info on Norman Gidney who lived in Eastham Rd. Billesley. He attended Billesley Infants School and went on to become a multi millionaire. I know about the collapse of his empire and the monies from the Pension Fund. What I need is his life from School to Millionaire! His...
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    Local Home Guard. Billesley Area

    Hi All. Here are two pics of my father in the Home Guard, problem is I don't know where he was based, it might have been Hall Green or Kings Heath, if anyone can identify the pics or people I would be grateful.My father is at the end of the table in the "Home Guard" pic and third from the left...
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    When will they ever learn?

    Our lads go out so full of hope To fight a war so far away Again they go so ill equipped When will we ever learn? We fight a foe we do not know A people who wish that we would go A culture alien to us all When will we ever learn? Then fight us using homemade bombs We react with...
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    Swanshurst Farm

    When Swanshurst Farm was demolished one of the new houses built in Swanshurst Lane was called "Berry Mound" built on the site of the old farm. I took a look today but can't find it, anyone know where it is or what No the house is? Photos replaced
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    Murder of Maureen Hill in Billesley

    Hi All. When I was a child about 13yrs old I remember seeing blood on the pavement on the corner of Chells Grove & Chinnbrook Rd after a man had stabbed a woman, the blood was there for a long time and it has stuck in my mind but I cannot find any info about it. I was 13 yrs old in 1959! so 5...
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    History of Billesley, Birmingham

    Hi All. I am writing a book about Billesley, Birmingham and wonder if anyone has any pictures of the area or stories about the place... I am also trying to find any info about a stabbing/murder that occured between 1956-1966 on the corner of Chells Grove and Chinnbrook Rd It's such a small...
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    Looking for relatives of the Carter Family

    Hi All. I am looking for any info on Albert Carter b)08/01/1920 d)1977 who married a Margaret Nee Turner b)30/01/1937 d)26/12/2009 on 26th December 1955. Children =Lizzy,Rene,may,Harry and Gladys. Any info would be gratefully received, His parents would be nice to find, all believed to be...
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    Car Showroom

    Does anyone have any info or pics of the old car showroom in Poplar Rd Kings Heath? I was talking to the owners daughter who has lost all her pics and memorabellia due to a burglary and the fact that it has been vandalised and is now uninhabitable.
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    Pockington Place/House? Hole Lane B31

    While listening on the radio yesterday a advert was on for a housing complex called Pockington House with part ownership, shops,gym and a lot of other features and I wondered if it was the complex in Hole Lane that used to house Blind People? I visited the complex several times in the 70s with...
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    Broadspeed Cars

    Does anyone remember "Broadspeed" on the Stratford Rd in Sparkhill? They produced mini's that looked like minature Aston Martins with the fish tale, I believe they started with a mini van.Was it started by Ralph Broad? Is it still in business, I know that it left Birmingham several years ago...
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    Canal Cottage, (yardley Wood) Stratford -on -avon Canal

    Hi All. Just been today to photograph this cottage before it gets vandalised, it's been up for sale for several months and it appears that a lot of work will be required to restore it and there is no vehicle access, it's rumered to be 200 years old!
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    Pinfold House.Mansfield Rd. Yardley

    Talking to a friend the other day I was supprised to hear that Pinfold House is now empty and vandals have broken in and started to distroy it, has it been bought by a developer?I thought it had Grade 2 listing:(:(
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    Field Gate Farmhouse, Acocks Green

    In the Mail today 12th Dec there is story in the old suppliment dated 15th Dec 1977 about the demise of Field Gate Farmhouse and that it was to be demolished, brick by brick, did this happen and if so what happened to the bricks and was it rebuilt? Also where along Yardley Rd was it?
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    Wedding Pics

    Hi All. Someone suggested that we do a wedding section, I will start it with my Mother & Fathers Wedding at Holy Cross Church Billesley on 8th Dec 1945. The next pic is my Wedding at the same Church on 7th Dec. 1968. So come on lets see them! Pete & Sue Haylor
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    Microsoft office

    I cleaned out a lot of rubbish to gain more memory and now when I try to go to Word I get: the application failed to initalize properly (OxcOOOOOO5) click ok to terminate the application and at the bottom of the screen: WINWORD.EXE I cant find the disc for office as it was put on several years...
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    Balsall Heath pics

    Hi Christy. Here are the pics I found on the Net. Hope they are not the ones you put on !
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    Payton Cottage.Billesley Birmingham

    Hi All. While looking for info about Billesley I found this pic, does anyone know where it is/was in Billesley?
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    Achilles Sierres

    Does anyone remember a dry cleaning company called something like "Archie Sares" My Aunt worked for them and used to bring me a model to build, you cut the pieces from a flat carboard pack which was printed with a signwritten van? It would have been about 1955-1962
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    learning to drive

    When dad worked at Cadbury's he bought an old Ford "Sit up and beg" for £5-00, this had been passed around the workers who always bought and sold it for £5-00 and each persons son used to learn to drive in it. It was a pig to start in the winter due to the 6 volt system and luckily we lived at...