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    I used to work at Lewis transport in Miller St does anyone remember them. regards Richard
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    Morto & Crowders

    Did anyone know the. drop stamping company Morton & Crowders they used to make Badges. i used to work their in the 50s. Regards Richard
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    Aston Park

    Does anyone remember the shows held in Aston PARK all the big marques were big bands played by the likes of Jonny Dankworth and Cleo Laine, the talent shows dancing schools putting on their performances,if we couldn;t afford the entrance fee we used to loosen off the tent pegs and slip under...
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    The Onion Fair

    :)there was an artical in the Sunday Mercury this week about the smallest woman on the onion fair her name was Anita. i remember her very well. my father inlaw had a photograph taken with him sitting on Anita's lap . i also remember the bearded lady who was there.i used to like going on the...
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    The zooon Lewis's roof

    Does anyone remember the zoo on top of lewis's used to thjeir on my dinner break from school St Chads. while looking at the monkeys one of them put his arm through the cage and pinched my glasses off my face.at to get the keeper to get them back.
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    public house

    does anyone remember the name of the pub facing the Astoria picture house in Aston Rd