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  1. Bob Davis

    Stereos, Hi-Fi’s, Record Players, Gramophones

    Maurice Thanks for that fascinating. One day Dad arrived home and a few hours later a brand new Radio Stereogram with a 10 record BSR autochanger. First LP played on it was Lionel Hamptons Paris Jam Sessions......for days. Moved with me when I got married, then down to Devon and still...
  2. Bob Davis

    Autumn in the Garden

    Although not contributed lately apart from appreciates been following the forum from afar, been in hospital since Fricay 13th for a new hip yes a great success, but unfortunately had a problem in another part of the body which caused return and overnight stays, all I think is well now...
  3. Bob Davis

    Forgotten Streams or Brooks of Birmingham

    And when they have finished, they will be able to introduce it with 21st century language.....Streaming \now \bob
  4. Bob Davis

    Forgotten Streams or Brooks of Birmingham

    I bet a member will now wite in and say we used to hang around there Bob
  5. Bob Davis


    Re my post 30, it could have been Greatrix that we discovered after our Paddington experience, Anybody with a 1958 Kellys able to see if they were still there then Bob
  6. Bob Davis

    Forgotten Streams or Brooks of Birmingham

    Map 2, what was a blade mill? Bob
  7. Bob Davis

    When Everyone Wore A Hat...

    I think the two guys in the boat are fancying their chances Bob
  8. Bob Davis


    Lyn Have a very happy birthday Bob
  9. Bob Davis

    Occupations - Disappeared

    The chap who seems to be the manager there went to school with my children, known him for years. bob
  10. Bob Davis


    Thanks Cecil Gee could not remember that name Bob
  11. Bob Davis

    NewStreet Birmingham

    Card has the look of an early 20th century card from the picture and the writing and the opening dates more or less confirm this. Who is the publisher and was it printed in Saxony, if so that will date it as pre 1914 Bob
  12. Bob Davis

    Telephone scams 2020

    1140 hours same call, persistent aren't they Bob
  13. Bob Davis

    Telephone scams 2020

    A different Amazon call, working from home again, my wife told me I could look after the phone, 1100hrs, phone rings, 'This is a recorded message from Amazon, an order has been placed from your account...order no given using the phonetic alphabet...and the amount of £1141.56 taken from your...
  14. Bob Davis


    Right Bob
  15. Bob Davis


    It is ironic that the two major memories so far should come from female members, us lads used to go up town as well, but our visits were more prosaic, record shops, magazine browsing in Smiths ,Zissmans and the other outfitter who sold 'American' branded & style clothes, then Hepworths, Burtons...
  16. Bob Davis

    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    I knew I had seen him before. Bob
  17. Bob Davis

    Brougham Street, Lozells

    Thanks chaps I knew someone or two would come up with a reply and a solution Bob
  18. Bob Davis

    Not what they used to be......

    The other thing is, same size packet same or higher price and inside smaller bar or fewer biscuits. The consumer is being taken for a ride all the time. Bob
  19. Bob Davis

    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    This photo is so evocative of the age, handcarts, horse and cart, horse bus, motor bus, delivery bicycle, gas lamp and everybody wearing a hat. Priceless social history. Bob
  20. Bob Davis

    Nursery Road lozells

    Small world this is, when bored at lunchtime in the office I read various forums, and first thing in the office I call BHF up and browse alerts and the new forum entries. The only reason that I look at Lozells, Winson Green and Ladywood is because of the years when Dad was the political agent...