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  1. RobT

    Telephone Service in Birmingham

  2. RobT

    CHRISTMAS 2020

    This one was sent in 1950 Now opened 70 years later for you in 2020 Did you notice the Mail Stage Coach moves and delivers the mail as you pull the card out!
  3. RobT

    Who painted this picture?

    Seeing that photo reminded me I had bought an oil painting (I think) about 20 years ago, painted by L. Price. It's about 7 in x 5 in, Has anybody heard of L. Price? .
  4. RobT

    tidy up please

    Can't see anything obvious at 172 Berners street
  5. RobT

    Autumn in the Garden

    I'm no art lover but this one is beautiful Burnham Beeches by Gainsborough
  6. RobT


    Should be improvements
  7. RobT


    Bob, See if these are any better for you?
  8. RobT


    This ones from 1976
  9. RobT


    advert I believe from 1962
  10. RobT

    Tanworth Lane

    This one showing Tatterpool Farm also with well
  11. RobT

    Tanworth Lane

    A 1937 map of the area you are talking about Apparently a round symbol was a well, looks like 2 of them on the map!
  12. RobT

    Essence Of The 50s And 60s

    Does this look like her? Apparently her name was Beatrice Gibbs.
  13. RobT

    Essence Of The 50s And 60s

    This is a photo of the Bag Lady who shouted "Andy Carrier" Photo was was taken from a film made in 1935, surely this film must bring back many many memories https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-birmingham-of-yesterday-1935-online
  14. RobT

    Essence Of The 50s And 60s

    Somebody said on the telly from a museum that An original Marathon Bar was now worth £40 and a pack of Spangles was worth £70
  15. RobT

    Essence Of The 50s And 60s

    You were supposed to rub it on - NOT DRINK IT!
  16. RobT

    Aston Villa history

    Lyn, I would agree with you, I sold some Aston Villa autographs for a late aunt, and those in pencil were appreciated more than those in pen. RobT
  17. RobT

    Telephone boxes

  18. RobT

    Lost Birmingham Pubs

  19. RobT

    Telephone Service in Birmingham

    Surely you didn't chew it,