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  1. craiguito

    Chamberlain's visit to Haseley Hall

    My nan used to talk about having her picture in the Birmingham Mail as a child because Neville Chamberlain visited Haseley Hall, where she was resident for a while, in the early 30s. I've tried Googling this information but have drawn a blank. Does anyone know any more about this story? I'd...
  2. craiguito

    Death notification

    Hello, I'd be very grateful for any information for some research I'm doing. On average, if a soldier was killed, in my ancestor's case of Spanish flu, in Africa, does anyone know roughly how long it would take for the relatives back in the UK to be informed? Many thanks in advance, Craig
  3. craiguito

    Beaufort Rd, working boys' home?

    In 1911, my great grandad Joseph Rosenberg was resident at 55 Beaufort Rd; the other residents were predominently 16/17-year old boys, and judging by their surnames, also Jewish. The head of the household was Arthur Lewis and his wife Rachel's occupation was 'Matron of Working Boys' Home'. What...
  4. craiguito

    WW2 Terminology

    I have recently acquired my grandad's army service records 1929-1945. I'm still slowly trawling my way through - not helped by certain accronyms and abbreviations. Can anyone tell me what "Struck of Strength" means, also TOS, which I presume is a related accronym? Many thanks in advance. Craig
  5. craiguito

    Deeley/Daley - a family riddle

    Part of my reason for tracing my family tree is that for years there was a story in my family that our surname should actually be Daley and not Deeley. My research has shown that indeed, my great grandad's surname did change back and forth between the two across censuses. The diver Tom Daley...
  6. craiguito

    Belle Vue, Parton St, Hockley

    According to the 1911 census, my great great aunt Emily Litherland worked as a servant for Emily Hamilton Phillips, address Belle Vue, Parton Rd, Hockley. I can't find this on any maps or searches. Does anyone have any ideas where it was? Thanks in advance Craig
  7. craiguito

    Belle Vue, Parton St, Hockley

    According to the 1911 census, my great great aunt Emily Litherland worked as a servant for Emily Hamilton Phillips, address Belle Vue, Parton Rd, Hockley. I can't find this on any maps or searches. Does anyone have any ideas where it was? Thanks in advance Craig
  8. craiguito

    Haseley Hall

    As a child, my nan Joan Rosenberg spent some time at Haseley Hall near Warwick. Can anyone please give me more info on what sort of place this was and who it catered for? Many thanks Craig
  9. craiguito

    Tyn y Coed Convalescent Home

    I know my great great grandfather John Price Litherland was in the Tyn y Coed convalescent home in Wales when the 1901 census was taken. Does anyone know if it would be possible to find out the nature and duration of his stay? Are archives of residents kept? Craig
  10. craiguito

    Arter Rose Hannah -HELP!

    I'm trying to find birth year for Rose Hannah Arter, born in Birmingham, so that I can order her birth certificate, but the sources I have point to different birth years. 1901 census records her as 16, so birth year around 1884/5 She married my great grandfather Henry Deeley in 1954, aged 70...
  11. craiguito

    Heath Emily 1875 Birth Cert Up For Grabs -

    I ordered a wrong birth certificate, so if anyone's interested they can have this one. It's Emily Heath, born December 1874, registered Jan 1875, in Birmingham. Born in Lower Camden Street, father Arthur Heath, Mother Elizabeth Heath, formerly Apps. PM me if you want it. No charge obviously. Craig
  12. craiguito

    Randall rugby team - success

    I think I have solved the riddle of the Llanelli rugby team which I posted a while ago; I was trying to find out if my great grandfather was one of a team of 7 brothers who made up a team from Llanelli in 1907 who played against another team of 7 Williams brothers from Carmarthen. My second...
  13. craiguito

    Hill Joseph - baker

    the first husband of my step-great-grandmother was Joseph Hill, a baker and confectioner with a shop on Hockley Hill. He died very young in 1922, but I don't know anything about it, do any of you kind folk know anything about him or could you point me in the direction of somewhere where I could...
  14. craiguito

    Joseph Hill 1911-1920

    I'm trying to locate a baker / confectioner called Joseph Hill. Any info gratefully received. Craig
  15. craiguito

    Litherland: photo - can you spot anyone you recognise?

    The attached photo is the wedding of my grandparents Leslie Randall and Joan Rosenberg, at All Saints' Church, Hockley, Birmingham on 12th July 1940. Joan's mother Ellen (Nellie) Rosenberg née Litherland is front row third from right. I do not recognise many of the people in the right hand side...
  16. craiguito

    Army service - help

    I'm trying to find out where my great grandfather served during WW1. He was Joseph Rosenberg. He did survive. The info I have so far is: WW1 Medal card . Reg.No. 62304 Welsh Regiment Pte Joseph Rosenberg Awarded British medal (Roll J/1/104A Page 69). He was listed as living at 26 All Saints Rd...
  17. craiguito

    Electoral roll query

    Where someone is listed at an address and it says 'dwelling house', is this a particular category of residence? Temporary accommodation? What's the significance? Thanks Craig
  18. craiguito

    Army rank query

    My great grandfather Albert Allcott is listed in 1918 on the electoral register as an absent voter with the following army rank: P/14479, A/L.-Cpl., M.F.P. Could somebody decipher it for me please? Also, in 1918, he would have been 40. Would that not have been too old to serve? I've defintiely...
  19. craiguito

    Deeley help!

    Looking for Henry (sometimes Harry) Deeley (sometimes Daley!) in 1901 and 1891 - born 1876 He married Emily Heath in 1897 and they lived in Birmingham. Help! Thanks Craig
  20. craiguito

    Litherland - Help!!

    On 1841 census, living in Lichfield St Johns, I have found Timothy Litherland, age 60; Hannah age 65. They also have a son, Thomas, age 22. There is also Elizabeth Litherland listed, aged 15. I'm trying to find out whether Elizabeth is Timothy and Hannah's daughter or not - Hannah would've been...