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    Dunlop rubber factory Birmingham

    Yes would have been Aston
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    National Service

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    Jessie Wright who worked at Amal Factory, Kynochs

    My nan, Jessie Wright worked in amal factory - kynochs, around 1950. I believe she was 17. with her sister in law as I know her by "aunty Barbra" and also I believe her brother and sister also worked there with her . She lived in kingstanding, I'm looking for anyone who might of known my nan...
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    Army national service. 1950s /1960s

    My grandad. Frank E Cockrill Served in Malaya as a national serviceman post ww2. 1950s? 1960s? In the tank regiment. He is from Erdington /kingstanding He did boxing when he was in the army and there's a picture of him in the army with a trophy for boxing. Looking for anyone who may have...
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    Dunlop rubber factory Birmingham

    Hi, My great nan worked in Dunlop rubber factory around 1916. Her name was Lillian Turner and was 15 when she worked there. She lived in Aston, looking to find anyone who may have heard her name told by family members or may know anyone who knew her or worked with her