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    Village " Wine Making " ( Greece ). Painting By Roy Blakey.

    Painted after a great holiday spent on Corfu.
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    Untamed Tango.

    A foreign holiday dance hotel. All guests invited to join in. ( Come on George, let's go down and give it a go ). Acrylic on paper. 2009. Roy Blakey.
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    Chihuahua. Lovely trembler.

    Oil Painting by Roy Blakey. ( 1985 ).
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    A lottery dream.

    Oil Painting by Roy Blakey. ( 1986 ).
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    Iz no probem, i drive you good.

    A typical happy holiday marriage abroad. Panting by Roy Blakey. 2012.
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    For a little girl that wanted her own painting " of a horse ". A concocted painting by Roy Blakey. 2013. TO VIEW PAINTING. TAP on top image link.
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    A breath of Fresh Air. ( with a little liquid fermentation ).

    Three Birmingham lads on a holiday break. Painting by Roy Blakey. ( 1989 ).
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    The ' Unofficial Truce'. Xmas 1914

    The ' Unofficial Truce '. Xmas 1914. Link: https://www.astonbrook-through-astonmanor.co.uk/roy_blakey.html#ww1
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    Growing Up In Brum - Roy Blakey Inspired.

    I was musing recently with Kingstanding in mind. A memory or two came into mind. Firstly,as a nipper,I recall that on several occasions,with me mates,roaming down Rough Road and Banners Gate Road to the Chester Road area at Banners Gate, Sutton Park. We where there because we had been told that...
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    Paintings. A small collection ( Brum characters from the past).

    A few Birmingham History Paintings with accompanying Poems and Stories. To view : ( 1 ) Go to Google. ( 2 ) Tap in : Roy Blakey Paintings ( 3 ) Select : Poems and Paintings by Roy Blakey https://www.astonbrook-through-astonmanor.co.uk/roy_blakey.html