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    Graham Twist

    Sad to here Graham Twist has passed away. Author of A Backstreet Boyhood.
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    A few memories of the 1950s https://youtu.be/4cKpaqfQ62k
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    Hamstead Colliery

    Remembering all those who lost their lives 4th March 1908 (Replacement)
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    picture 1915

    Very sad to see these servicemen what looks like above Knee high in water.
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    A recruitment parade in Corporation St

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    My Mothers Son. by Patrick Hughes

    The Story of this mans life in Guilford St. After reading this book i remember his mom,and went to School with his niece.
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    The Stork

    I am reading a book at the moment where The Stork was mentioned on Lozells Rd. Does anyone Know where it was?
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    Aldridge Road .

    Would anyone be able to tell me whereabouts on Aldridge Road this picture was taken please ?
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    Bus Crash

    This was a piece out of Evening Mail Last Week.Might be of interest.
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    Saltley Hot Air Balloon Accident

    It is funny what kids remember and i had totally forgotten about this incident. My niece was only about 5 at the time but she remembers me taking her to see my Mom who lived in Newtown at the time and we were waving to a Air Balloon that was going over.... I remember later that Day i heard it...
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    Dirk Bogarde

    Does anyone know where about in Perry Barr Dirk Bogardes Father lived?
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    Hospital st

    A Picture from one of Carls Books.Does anyone know what part of Hospital St these flats were located?
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    Good Bye Star.

    Good bye and God Bless to our beloved Dog Star,With us for 14 yrs .It broke our hearts yesterday to have to make the decision to let you go . Our house is empty now without you.x:cry:
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    Scavenger or scavengar

    I Have recently got a copy of my grandparents marriage cert.The occupation of my gg grandfather says he was a Scavenger does anyone know what was?
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    In A Monastry Garden Song

    Does anyone remember the name of the man who wrote In a Monastry Garden.I think he came from Alma St.
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    Came across this photo of grandfather.Can anyone tell me anything about what regiment he would have been in?