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    Which Railway Station?

    This gets more intriguing. Thanks I didn't spot that. The back of the postcard unfortunately does not have a photographers name, but has Inland 1/2d and Foreign 1d on the back, which I beleive dates it to between 1891 and 1921. So this could have been installed for the coronation of Edward VII...
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    Which Railway Station?

    Thanks for your replies. At first glance at the link posted by knobbydave, it looks as though the entrance may have beed superimposed over the existing photo, but strangely the original left hand gatepost seems to have moved to the left with no attached railings.
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    Which Railway Station?

    I recently picked up this postcard, probably circa 1900. Is anyone able to identify the location. As you can see the Birmingham coat of arms is above the entrance. The building on the right says London & North Western Railways Parcels Office. The building on the left says Midland Railway Parcels...