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  1. Alf

    what is a true brummy

    There is no U in Mother think on
  2. Alf

    Windows 10

    astonian are you well as for myself I'm as well as can be expected and still in touch with a lot of BHF ex members. Send me your email via Jean she will pass it on cheers alf
  3. Alf

    Public House, 334 Newtown Row ?????

    John Houghton is the man who can sort this out.
  4. Alf

    William Cowper Street School

    Tom I will try to get the photo up as soon as possible. Haven't been on the Forum for months as I was in hospital for months. Try to keep in touch alf
  5. Alf

    High Street, Saltley

    Civic tv shop
  6. Alf

    33 Bus Tom Barlow

    Will miss you Tom R I P
  7. Alf

    Len Copsey R.I.P.

    Will miss you Len RIP
  8. Alf

    Sutton Coldfield during WW2

    Very nice link jennyann:star:
  9. Alf

    Bordesley station

    Here it is the number and much more:anonymous: https://www.railuk.info/steam/getsteam.php?row_id=3754
  10. Alf

    My computer is slow playing games

    I have trouble with my Games on Windows 7
  11. Alf

    Mike Guest

    That's such sad post to read but I shall never forget Mike he was the person I spoke to on Skype and his wife he also was the first person who would be there when I wanted help from Admin. I'll miss you Mike RIP
  12. Alf

    Shops in Newtown Row Near 289

    289 close to the end of Newtown Row & the Start of High Street Aston if that will help. I was born 6/289 St Stephens Place Newtown Row
  13. Alf

    Ear cleansing.

    Mom always used Olive Oil & I carried on with my Lads, I still use Lard & Dripping for my cooking and Today I made a Rice Pudding from Pudding Rice and used Nutmeg to finish. The Lads loved it, no Tinned Rice in this house. Only use Oil in our Single Deep fryer for chips if the lads want them...
  14. Alf

    Central Fire Station Hq

    Ell Here you are all you wanted to know:- https://expbirmingham.wordpress.com/2007/10/23/the-west-midlands-fire-service-hq/
  15. Alf

    Birmingham Halfpenny

    This might help Moss https://images.goldbergauctions.com/php/lot_auc.php?site=1&sale=57&lot=213
  16. Alf


    I have never had to sign up for Google or You Tube. You have to sign for You Tube if you want to Broadcast yourself or if you want to comment on the Video you have watched.:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztZCSFVeDII https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sa-VoLGw-vQ&feature=related
  17. Alf

    Is this a virus?.

    Not had any trouble with BTYahoo. I've had quite a few from Banks/Building Society's to update my accounts for sercurity reason's I never open any of them as I have only one Bank account and even have e-mails from them but their policy is they never send e-mails. If you don't know it throw it...
  18. Alf

    New TV memories site

    I did mention this programme when it was first shown, but BBCiplayer had a 30 day limit on it. I look forward to seeing it again its great. Tired to buy a copy but at the time I had no luck
  19. Alf

    Gun Trade Factories

    Re: gun trade fatories 50 people objected can't say how many signed keep it, but its par for the course:redface: